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Natural Grey Hairpieces for Middle Aged Men

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By the time most men reach their 40s, they're going grey. According to research analytics, more than 70% of men go partially grey by nearing 40. Adding on, only some lucky ones manage to still have a head full of dense hair, only slightly lighter than what it used to be in their youth.

Hairloss is a natural process that occurs with age, no matter what. In some cases, however, the intensity of the hair loss reaches a severe level. Any unnatural natural hair loss, for example, hair missing in a chunky pattern, or significantly noticeable hair thinning, etc. It might be caused due to a medical condition rather than the natural hair cycle. While other medical conditions can be held susceptible, it is statistically known that the most common hair loss condition is male pattern baldness. Male pattern baldness is a hair loss condition caused due to an imbalance of hormones in men. The excess hormones cause damage to the hair follicle, in turn reducing hair growth as well as cause hair fall.

While male pattern baldness can occur in men of any age, it's rare for men under 30s to suffer from the condition. Most men are diagnosed with alopecia when they are reaching or have already crossed the 40 figure. Dealing with pattern baldness can be questionably hard, especially for people reaching the mid-life mark. Greying thinning hair is the first sign of aging, and most men freak out as soon as they identify those signs.

Now, while the salt and pepper hair can be manipulated into providing you with a desirable and charming semblance, the thinning hair and the receding hairline do not make you look youthful and charming. Many ways will help you deal with excessive hair loss while still maintaining the salty speckles that you’ve just discovered. 

Best Solution for Thinning Grey Hair 

Non-Invasive hair systems, in easier terms, wigs or toupees. Hair systems have been men's best friend for centuries now. Although they have progressed over time, the purposes remain the same; to achieve a look that isn't entirely possible with your natural hair.

Hair systems have proven to be a great way to help cover up any symptoms of baldness. Hairpieces or toupees not only help you cover up any evidence of thinning damaged hair, but they are also manufactured with highly customizable options.

There are many advantages to wearing a hairpiece for men naturally with some grey. 

Fast results: Hair systems provide you with the best option, an immediate change of look! It also means that you can get your wig or toupee customized according to personal preferences, and then you can wear it for a reasonably long time if it's properly taken care of. 

Lower cost: It is much easier to get yourself a hairpiece than getting a hair transplant, not to mention it will reduce the potential risks, including long recovery time, bad outcomes, and complications after surgery. While washing, repairing and restoring are often needed for a hair system, it is still within the spectrum of what most people can afford. Perhaps better is that you can buy it in many ways, which means that if anything happens to one device, you can freely change your look and have a spare. 

Handsome look: the hairpiece for men natural with some grey specks in it tends to attract the crowd these days. The slightly grey, mature, and healthy look is considered appealing rather than an aged look. Getting a hairpiece appropriate to your age will not only help you own and wear your age with pride but will also ensure that you will look healthy and desirable while doing so. 

Before we move on to styling and such, there is another aspect that needs to be taken into consideration before any final decisions. 

Natural Grey Hair Pieces 

Perhaps the two major difference when it comes to hairpiece is the hair fibre itself. There are two main types of hairpieces, one made from natural human hair and the other made from synthetic fibre. Natural humans tend to be more on the pricey side; however, there is a list of many convinceable benefits that highlight natural human wigs rather than synthetic ones. 


While human hair wigs land on the expensive side of the scale, they are total with it. With proper care, human hair wigs can last you for years without wearing out or losing any of their beautiful shine or texture. 


Human hair wigs will provide you with the closest to the natural look. If worn right, even experts can't tell if someones are wearing a natural human hairpiece. 


Human hair wigs are completely styleable and treatable, whether it's heat tools, treatments, or dying. Any style you want, you can wear it with your human hair wig. It is, however, natural hair and will get damaged from overexertion. 

Best Way to Style Hairpieces For Men 

Once you've acquired your hairpiece for men, natural with some grey in it, it's time for you to wear it. Wearing a wig is easy, of course, but it's also not just putting it on and calling a day. There are some steps you need to take to ensure the best look.   

● Make sure that your hairpiece blends in seamlessly with your natural hair.

● Even if your natural hair is more or less grey than the color of your wig, you can still make it look good and charming by styling it properly. 

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