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How to Use Men’s Stick on Hair Piece?

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How often do you hear of mens stick on hair piece? Nowadays, more and more men are faced with the problem of alopecia and baldness. Some people choose hair transplantation, while others choose wigs. In my opinion, choosing to buy wigs is an economical and time-saving way. So what should we pay attention to when we choose wigs?

I. Choose your wig according to your skin color

1. Slightly white-Although the slightly white skin color is naturally beautiful, if the wig is not properly selected, it will look very unhealthy. Remember that the reddish and soft colors such as light brown and light brown will make your face ruddy and lively.

2, Yellow- Yellow skin color can choose natural black and light brown and other deeper colors, which will make the yellow skin appear much whiter. Never choose yellow hair color, it will make the skin that is not good-looking even more ugly.

3. Natural skin color-This kind of skin is the best, it looks healthy and shiny, and there are many choices for choosing hair colors, such as yellow, brown-red, wine red, deep purple, and dark coffee.

4. Slightly black-skin pigmentation is serious, which will make skin color dull when you look at your face through the mirror. Some natural black and deep orange colors should be used to set off your hair color, which will make your face bright.

II. Choose mens stick on hair piece according to your face shape

1. Oblong face: If you want to have your hair permed, you can choose to trim the hair at your chin and curl it into a ball or curl. Be sure to avoid cutting very short or keeping straight hair. Or comb it into a horse's tail. In short, the longer face should be made wider by the right hairstyle.

2. Square face: You can use a curly or shoulder-length hairstyle to make it droop naturally. The advantage of doing this is to cover up the shortcomings. Please do not choose a straight hairstyle that deliberately grows to the chin. This will make your face longer.

3. Oval face: Use the fashionable wig hairstyle with Sanqi hairstyle, avoid covering all the forehead with Liu Haier, at least expose part of the forehead, or cut the hairstyle with the outer ring Guo relatively straight, and take the top part of the hair as the emphasis (such as fluffy increase), to make the face look slender.

4.Round face: The whole big wave wig, with some curved bangs, looks better, which will set off at the lower forehead with smooth lines and make the whole face look vivid and full of streamline.

5. Heart-shaped face: It is better to choose the middle and long hair type. The widest part of the cheeks should be covered with fluffy curly short hair to keep bangs on the forehead so that the overall feeling will be very harmonious.

III. Other aspects of choosing mens stick on hair piece

1. Choose the size of the wig. Generally, there are 2 sizes of wigs, small 52-54cm, medium 55-57cm, short hair can choose the standard size, and long hair is recommended to be a larger size.

2. Chemical fabric hair: easy to knot, short-haired, easy to knot after washing, basically disposable. 100% real hair: long life, washable, blowing, cutting, dyeing, and perming. If you wear it for a long time, it is recommended to choose genuine hair.

3. Look at the whole mechanism of process quality: All the production processes are machined, which has the advantages of low cost, low fidelity, and poor air permeability.

Chemical fabric wigs with tens of dollars are usually hand-woven by this process: they adopt simulated scalp, which is light and thin, realistic, breathable, and comfortable.

There are hair loss and white hair, which need to be worn for a long time. It is most appropriate to choose the whole hand knitting process! Suitable for wearing all year round.

4. The mens stick on hair piece is matched with the wearer's face. Because everyone's face is different, since real hair can be repeatedly shaped and trimmed, it is recommended to buy real hair. Even if the hairstyle is not suitable, we can ask our Lavividhair wig hairdresser to help you make the hairstyle that suits you!


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