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Hair Direct Tape: A Strong and Amazing No Residue Hairpiece Tape

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If you are someone that has been working with wigs or has worn wigs for a long time, then we are pretty sure that you know about the different sizes and kinds of hair tapes out there. Primarily famous for their convenience, hair tapes offer a stronghold on almost all bases and add that extra realistic look to your toupee hair.

Made to provide that permanent hold for your toupee hair, the hair direct tape is really easy to apply and gets applied towards the sides of the hair cap, where it stays fresh for almost three weeks due to its waterproof and heat resistant qualities.

If you are someone that is interested in using the hair direct tape and want to know more about it, then this is the perfect place for you, since here we will tell you about the history, benefits, types, and buying details of the hair direct tape.

Story of The Hair Direct Tape:

The Hair Direct Tape we know of today first started being offered by a prominent toupee hair company named hair direct. Their tape was an instant success, and wigs wearers all over the world started using the product, and the product gained massive popularity.

This popularity was right deserved because the tape perfectly held the toupee hair together and was a long-lasting solution that outdid all other previous products. However, after witnessing years of success and customer success, the product stopped all of a sudden, leaving many toupee wig users confused about how they would set their hair and which product they should use.

This is where LaVivid Hair steps in; being a leading toupee hair care brand, LaVivid Hair, understood the fact that a large percentage of toupee users want the hair direct tape; thus, LaVivid Hair started its journey of creating and selling its own direct hair tape, that caters to user demands just as the old one and at times even better, and help customers get that hold of confidence on their toupee hair.

Now a wide variety of customers have joined in and have started using the hair direct tape, and we guarantee that you will also be amongst them after trying out the product only once.

Different Types of the Hair Direct Tape:

In the toupee hair industry, there exists a large variety of hair, which is why there are a large number and variety of products that are present to cater to the needs of each individual product. A direct hair tape is also a product used on many different hair types and sizes, which is why there are a number of different types in which they are available. To make it easier for you to understand and select the one that’s perfect for you, we have listed them below

  • Thin Lace Front Tape:

The thin lace front direct tape, as the name suggests, is a hair tape that is specially manufactured to be super thin so that it can hold the toupee hair without making it seem like it's fake hair. Being super thin, the lace front tape offers the most realistic hairline amongst all different kinds of tape, therefore making it the best choice for people that don't want their toupee to be revealed as fake. 

With this tape being super thin, a lot of people start to doubt its strength; however, its strength is not compromised by it being thin. Instead, the thin lace front tape is super strong and offers a stronghold for prolonged periods.

  • Strong Stick Hair Direct Tape:

While a strong stick is something, all types of hair direct tapes promise, the strong stick direct tape largely fulfills the promise and is created to be 3 to 4 times stronger than normal hair direct tapes. This admirable strength makes these hair tapes perfect for people living in hot and humid places. Due to their massive strength, these tapes can be used consistently for over three weeks.

  • Lace Front Hair Direct Tape:

When talking about hair direct tape, one name you will definitely hear is the lace front hair direct tape because it is one of the most famed lace front hair direct tape out there. The fame that lace front tape has received is largely deserved because the lace front offers an excellent dull finish, reliably holds the hair for a long time, and effectively works on every hair system.

  • No Shine Hair Direct Tape:

The No Shine, as the name suggests, is a kind of direct hair tape that offers its users a dull hair look, are super flexible and comfortable for the skin, and are comparatively easier to apply and remove therefore making them great for extended periods such as trips and outshooting, etc.

Benefits of Applying Hair Direct Tape:

If you have read the article up until now, we are guessing you have a good understanding of what hair direct tapes are and what are its benefits. However, now it’s time to learn all the different ways in which hair direct tape benefits you.

  • Natural Appearance:

Coming in number first on this list, natural appearance is one of the primary reasons people use hair direct tapes. These tapes increase the volume of the hair and hairline, therefore, making them seem natural.

  • Better and Stronger Hold:

Having a stronghold is one of the most important aspects of wearing toupee hair, and the hair direct tape having a stronghold keeps your toupee hair intact.

  • Easier to Apply than other adhesives:

There are a lot of different adhesives other than the hair direct tape; however, the hair direct tape is significantly easier to apply since all you have to do is keep your toupee down and apply the tape.


Hair direct tapes indeed were and are one of the most favorite things amongst wig and toupee enthusiasts. They hold the hair perfectly and offer a large range of benefits that sits perfect for all kinds of hair systems. With hair direct, not selling hair direct tapes, you should head towards LaVivid hair Tape and buy them now.


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