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What's the Influence of Hair Loss Pills?

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Androgenetic alopecia is a condition that gets passed down through genetics. It is also known as male pattern baldness. A considerable percentage of men are affected by this disease as they grow older. However, compared to other ethnicities, Caucasian men are more vulnerable to it. The most common symptom of male pattern baldness is a receding hairline or the growing bald spot at the top of your head. 

Life in the west is falsely presented as perfect. Living in a society where things like appearance, high fashion, and youth fullness are the way to validation, people suffering from receding hairlines or hair loss can get conscious to the extent of losing self-esteem, confidence, and end up getting depressed or suffer from other unhealthy mental conditions. And this is precisely the reason why the usage of medications for hair loss is gaining popularity each day. While male hair loss pills can help slow down alopecia in certain conditions only, a more prominent and feasible solution is getting a non-surgical hairpiece, wig or toupee that guarantees 100 percent results in no time.

Symptoms of Male-Pattern Hair Loss

At the early stage of alopecia, the hair around the temple starts thinning. With time, a patient with alopecia starts getting a receding hairline. It begins at the sides as the hairline slowly forms an M shape on the forehead. A bald spot appears at the top of the head that keeps growing gradually. Typically, hair loss is a slow-going process that moves and works with age. It could take very few years or a decade into midlife. The speed of the hair loss process varies from person to person, depending on the severity of the disease in their genetics. Eventually, the thinning crown and the receding M-shaped hairline meet and form u shape of the hair.

Treatment of Hair Loss Through Medication and Why it Doesn’t Work

Another non-surgical method, albeit it requires a bit more effort; of dealing with male pattern baldness is medication. There are many medications on the market that claims to help control hair loss and baldness. Male hair loss pills are falsely advertised to slow down or prevent the hair fall speed. However, this is not a cure or solution to hair loss. Chemicals cannot magically get rid of a genetic condition or grow a massive amount of hair back. This is just a temporary solution to slow down the process. As soon as you cut off the pill intake, the hair will start falling out at a much faster rate.

These pills also take a long course of time to even start working. Swallowing a pill every morning, 30 days a month can be quite intimidating. Not to mention the fact that they don't start working immediately. The hair starts getting better after only a certain amount of time while keeping up the constant use of hair loss pills and that too doesn't work with many users. Another risk when it comes to using hair loss medication is that there is no actual guarantee that it'll work. All body types are different with varying biological factors, especially when it comes to genes. What works for one person might not work for another. That is a considerable risk, especially when it is an investment of time as well as money.

Looking over all these facts, it concludes that while hair loss pills are an effective method to slow down the hair loss and receding hairline, it is not a permanent option and it will grow tiring over time. But contrary to that, Non-surgical Hair replacement systems are an authentic cure that will not only get rid of bald spots but will also give you a head full of hair in a matter of hours.

What Exactly Is A Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Treatment?

The process of utilizing non-surgical options, and help deal with thinning hair and balding scalps is known as non-surgical hair replacement. Without going through the pain of a hair transplant, you can acquire a dark luscious head full of thick hair, just by choosing the toupee you want to wear. These hair systems hide the symptoms of baldness pretty skillfully. Toupees have come a long way in the last two decades. Gone are the days of rough and very obvious wigs. Now you can't even tell the difference between real hair and a wig.

Hair systems can be used to increase the volume of natural hair. It can blend in so seamlessly you can't differentiate it from natural hair. Toupees have evolved a lot from what they used to look like or the stereotypical image of fake hair that comes to our mind when we think of a wig. Hairpieces are comfortable to wear and can be made to look just like your natural hair once you have figured out what exactly it is that you want. Hairpieces and wigs often have natural hair as well as synthetic to get that natural look near perfect. The base is customized according to the patient's skull, so it sits neatly and comfortably on the scalp while also making sure that it is comfortable and convenient as well.

If you want to get rid of hair loss pills that are nothing but a waste of money, Lavivid offers you a catalog full of hairpieces and wigs that will give you a realistic look and will make sure that your hairpiece is according to the look that you want to go for. 


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