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Introduction of the Recommended Hair Loss Treatment Dermatologist

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What kind of hair loss treatment dermatologist would recommend to those who suffer the problem of hair loss?  Now more people are facing this same problem, and many of them will choose to get hair loss treatment, so it is important for us to know some common hair loss treatments to make a better decision. 

A person losses 50 to 100 hairs every day, which is a normal physiological phenomenon and is the natural metabolic process of hair. So there’s no need to worry and no need for treatment. 

However, if there are more than 100 hair loss per day, or you can see that your hair loss significantly more than usual and the overall hair volume or hair density is reduced, abnormal hair loss occurs. Then you will have to take some measures to treat your hair. 

There are many kinds of abnormal hair loss, this article will mainly introduce Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA), one kind of this disease, as well as its common treatments recommended by the dermatologist. 

The Androgenetic Alopecia is the most common one and is heritable. It manifests in the gradual thinning and reduction of hair on specific scalp areas. Both men and women can get this disease, and the onset of it occurs after puberty. 

This disease is mainly related to congenital factors, such as genetic factors and excessive secretion of androgen. At the same time, other factors such as mental stress may aggravate hair loss too. So what kind of treatments can we have to cure this disease? Now this article will introduce the hair loss treatment dermatologist would recommend for people who suffer it.


1. Medical treatment

There are two kinds of medical treatment, namely oral drugs and topical drugs. Taking the former can help reduce androgen production, thereby reducing damage to hair follicles. There are some commonly used drugs, such as finasteride for men and spironolactone or cyproterone for women. 

As for the topical drugs, they are used mainly to promote hair growth. There are also some commonly used drugs. For instance, men can use minoxidil at a concentration of 5% for external use, and women can use minoxidil at a concentration of 2%. 

2. Surgical treatment

When we talk about the surgical treatment of hair loss, we usually mean the process of hair transplantation. It can help maintain or promote hair growth and improve people’s appearance. The surgical treatment is mainly suitable for patients with severe hair loss or unsatisfactory results of medical treatment. 

The characteristics of hair transplant surgery are high survival rate, real and natural effect, safe and painless process, and no traces after the hair transplant surgery. The hair after the surgery can grow and groom normally, and you don’t have to be hospitalized after this treatment, therefore it has become a popular choice among the patients. 

3. Other treatments

Apart from medical treatment and surgical treatment, there are also some other treatments that can help us deal with the problem of hair loss. For instance, the low-energy laser treatment. The purpose of it is to play the role of photobiological regulation, thereby improving the micro-environment of hair follicles and stimulating hair regeneration. It can be used as an auxiliary treatment. 

Besides, some people will resort to traditional Chinese medicine which can also assist in hair treatment. And we can also use hairpieces, wigs, etc to make our hair look thicker and thus make our appearance look better. 

These are some of the common treatments people can take to cure or improve their hair loss. It is necessary for us to discover our disease early and receive treatment in time. Otherwise, the volume of our hair may become less day by day, and it will cause baldness when in some severe cases. 

Though the problem of hair loss generally does not affect the life span of patients, it will affect their appearance and is not conducive to the patient’s physical and mental health and their normal life. If you receive formal treatment in time, it can help delay hair fall to a certain extent, alleviate the disease, and avoid the condition of baldness. 

That’s all for the hair loss treatment dermatologist would recommend, hopefully, people who suffer from this disease can find some useful information from it and have more knowledge about how to treat this disease.


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