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Customized Hair Loss Treatment in Geneva

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Hair loss treatment Geneva is becoming more and more popular. In our lifetime, we have to look in the mirror about 70,000 times, get along with people outside and meet for about 260,000 hours. So even if you are not handsome to others, you should be handsome to yourself. If you lose the courage to appreciate yourself because of a little hair problem, you will take a selfie and bask in your circle of friends. 

It's a pity that the rest of my life is long. It's not difficult to change the hair loss condition at all. It's easy to make an appointment, go to the store, trim and do three steps in an hour. What we lack is not a way to change, but an impeccable sense of reality. 

Different hairstyles can modify the contour of the face, change temperament and image

If you want to wear a wig lifelike and natural, when you choose it, the hair quality must be better. The process is purely manual and bionic. The hairstyle should be trimmed in detail to ensure that it is suitable for the individual and can control the hairstyle so that it will be good-looking and not rigid. 

Hair loss treatment Geneva c is enough to confuse the real with the fake, from communicating with customers to delivering it to consumers. It takes more than 500 crafts and more than 400 working hours to complete. It is the crystallization of the sweat and wisdom of the craftsmen. This kind of wig can not only highlight your temperament but also perfectly solve your problems. 

Reality and comfort have always been the problems of wigs that everyone criticized and urgently need to overcome. Now the appearance of a kind of hidden wig product provides a new choice direction for many hair loss friends. 

What are the advantages of the wig brand? Now more common wig styles, there are mainly two, one is the whole head of the wig cover, one is the local wig piece, both have their advantages and disadvantages, each has its characteristics.

The advantage of recessive wig pieces is that they can be individualized, with strong authenticity. The price of the same quality is relatively low, and it is more comfortable and breathable. It is especially suitable for friends with baldness and partial scars on the top of the head. 

If it's a pure hand-made wig cover, it may cost tens of thousands of yuan, while the local hairpiece is much cheaper. According to the needs of different people, the price ranges from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars. 

But also one-on-one, tailor-made hair, so that the hair cut out, will be more in line with our personality image, the experience of a facial image, contrast is not too obvious.

Which is a good wig brand? 

Lavivid hair is a national chain directly operated wig customization organization, which can match different styles of hair body and hairstyle according to your head shape.

According to the actual hair loss area to match the appropriate size and hairstyle, good effect, natural lifelike, comfortable to wear, breathable not boring, old brand, deeply loved by the majority of hair friends 

warm tips:

1. When cleaning, it is forbidden to use a comb to scrape the root of the hair to prevent the hair from loosening from the net cap.

2. About the cleaning cycle: when wearing it routinely, it is usually cleaned 2-3 times a month; When rarely worn, once a few months. Hair away from the human body will not have the phenomenon of oil and dandruff, keep your scalp and hair clean. 

3. About shampoo: choose nourishing shampoo, avoid dandruff, oil control, and strong cleaning shampoo, prohibit the use of detergent and soap powder.

4. It is forbidden to use inferior mousse and other products, which will make the hair dry and easy to break when combing. 

5. Do not use hot water, do not rub, will lead to hair knot, net cap deformation, affect the wearing effect. 6. It is not recommended to or swim in it. Not only the probability of hair friction is high, damage to hair loss treatment Geneva quality, but also increase the frequency of cleaning.


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