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Why Hair Pieces Are Better than Hair Transplant?

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According to surveys and research analytics, more than 60% of men worldwide suffer from some sort of hair condition. Hair loss can start at any point in an individual's life after hitting puberty, although the most commonly reported age displaying hair loss's initial symptoms is after the 30s. 

A subpar amount of hair loss is a common occurrence is just a part of growing and aging. However, it can be concerning if the hair loss becomes significantly noticeable in a short amount of time and you start nothing the early signs of baldness. Hairloss can occur due to a number of reasons; the main causes of hair loss can be side effects of medication, hormonal imbalance, mental health issues such as depression, stress, anxiety, etc., deficiency of certain nutrients, and probably the most common reason, i.e., genetic tendency.

While any of the reasons mentioned above can cause hair loss, the most probable reason is male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia. This hair loss condition is transferred through genetics and is caused due to excess of a specific hormone called androgens. It is recommended to see a doctor for the safe side rather than chalking up severe hair loss symptoms to genetic conditions. 

Most common treatments for hair loss 

Over the years, people have come up with a plethora of scientific and organic solutions to help deal with hair loss. The two most common yet drastically different hair loss solutions are hair transplant or toupee.  These hair loss solutions came out on top in our surveys but the younger majority sided with toupees or hair replacement systems. 

A hair transplant is an invasive surgery that borrows the hair follicles from other areas of the body and implants them into the scalp. The procedure can be painful and takes a long while to heal. Once the hair follicles set their roots, and the scalp is healed, the hair starts to grow back. On a precautionary note, hair translation requires regular medicine intake to take roots and to survive. Moreover, a hair transplant doesn't stop or even slow down the hair fall; it just grows hair. It also comes with the risk of implant failure. 

Hair systems are more commonly known as wigs or toupees. Depending on the type of hairpiece you go with. These have proven to be extremely successful once they were revolutionized. Unlike the olden concept of a toupee that is pretty tacky and obviously fake, modern hair systems are extremely realistic, seamlessly blendable, and very affordable. They come with many benefits that have made them the winner in hair transplant competition or toupee.

Further in the article, we will discuss why Non-invasive or medicated

people have come to prefer hair systems over hair transplant surgeries.


Why Are Hair Systems the superior choice 

Hair systems have many benefits that have made them the favorite choice between the solutions for hair loss and the fashion industry. They are so realistic and fashionable that even people with perfect hair have adopted them in their life. 

Hair systems have many unique qualities on their own and those that compete with other solutions. Some of their many beneficial aspects are listed below: 

Low priced 

The most mentionable characteristic would be the affordable price. The most costly hair systems will probably cost less than a hair transplant surgery. The cost of the hair system varies depending on quality as well as other physical aspects. They are, however, always going to be more cost-effective if compared with hair transplants. 

Timely results 

Unlike other medical or organic treatments, you don't have to wait for an extended period of time to see any results. There is very little wait depending on aspects such as the buying process and the wearer's expertise or, in some cases, the time for an appointment. Many people have stated this as their main reason since waiting for almost a year to see if the treatment is even working is a waste of time and assets.  

Hair replacement systems are completely free of any medicated or invasive procedures. The closest they come to being medicst4ed is the adhesive glue used to attach the system. The adhesive solutions are allergen tested and made for sensitive scalps. Therefore, unlike medicated treatments, hair systems lack any and all adverse effects. 

No risks of failures or infections 

Hair transplants come with a huge risk of infections or other complications such as scarring or implant failure. The implant's failure can occur at any time after the implant, and that can sometimes also result in infections; contrary to that, hair systems are completely safe and risk-free. The medicinal risk also downgrades the hair transplant in the comparison of hair transplant or toupee. 

Long-term investment 

Hair systems or toupees are long-term investments. Once you've bought the perfect hair system for yourself, it can last anywhere from 6 months to 18 months. With proper care, you can ensure that your hair systems stay fresh, shiny, and airy. Comparing a hair transplant, they need regular medications and several amounts of consultations and other services for a long time, which end up being more of a nuisance than investments. 

Make the right decision and avoid getting a hair transplant. To find the best suitable hair system for men, visit our store


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