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The Complete Guide on How to Choose Hair Regrowth System for Men

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Dare you try a hair regrowth system for men? Is it dangerous for men’s health or not, let’ see?

Backshift of hairline (type M alopecia)

Generally speaking, nine times out of ten M types are androgenic alopecia, which is dihydrotestosterone produced by auto metabolism that inhibits the activity of some hair follicles. This causes the hair follicles in the alopecia area to gradually atrophy until necrosis. Traditional medicine cannot cure it.

That's why type M alopecia refers to the movement of the hairline backward. If the alopecia skin is smooth and the hair wants to recover, we can only choose to plant the hair and adjust the hairline downwards. In addition, there is no anyway!

Human hair can be transplanted like other tissues of the human body. Hair regrowth is called hair transplantation, in which some tissues around hair follicles are completely cut off by special instruments, separated from the scalp in situ, and then transplanted to a position where hair is needed and prepared and has the conditions to accept the hair.

The hair follicles in the hindbrain of the human body are taken as the hair source, separated into single or multiple follicular units, and transplanted to the parts needing transplantation, such as head, eyebrow, eyelashes, beard, chest, eyelashes, etc., by fine microsurgical techniques, so that they can survive and grow naturally in new body tissues.

In this way, the purpose of repairing local hair distribution density is achieved, and the aesthetic effect is achieved. Hair transplantation is also a kind of "tearing down the east wall and mending the west wall", which achieves the effect of concealing and visually flourishing hair.

Internationally authorized hair transplant technology


Monomer hair follicle cultivation and regeneration technology: The hair follicles were extracted from the operation set of her posterior occipital, and monomer transplantation C was performed using the patented fine device.

For patients with large or severe alopecia, the maximum treatment cost can be about 3,000 units at one time, and thin-line scars will be left on the hair removal area after surgery.


Hair transplantation technology without surgery, using micro-dissociative equipment, dispersedly extract hair follicles individually from the posterior occipital region and transplant them to the alopecia area according to the hair growth direction.

Suitable for people with small hair loss areas or pursuing perfection, single hair follicle extraction, no suture and suture removal, rapid healing, no trace left, and more than 3,000 units can be taken at one time.

FUT and FUE are the hair transplant technologies used in China. Firstly, we will compare the differences between the following technologies in preoperative detection, hair taking area, hair taking method, and hair transplant method.

Three-step of hair regrowth system for men

First, a spindle flap was taken from the back of the head, and then the subcutaneous decompression suture was performed, and the outer layer was continuously sutured.

After wound healing, there was no obvious scar except a thin scar hidden in the hair. As a transverse hair follicle tissue only took a little hair in the longitudinal direction, there was no obvious change to the appearance of your back head.

Secondly: hair follicle separation: the removed skin flap is divided into several small transplantation units without destroying hair follicles, which are also called transplantation embryos.

Each transplantation embryo contains 1-3 hair follicles (the size of the transplantation embryo is determined according to the operation method). This process is very strict, requiring medical staff to be extremely patient and careful, otherwise, it will destroy some hair follicles and cause losses to patients.

Finally: hair follicle implantation: make some micro-incisions or holes in the bald part to implant the transplanted embryo into the skin, which determines the appearance after operation.

Because the number of hair follicles is limited, it is very important to distribute the limited hair follicles artistically to the top of the head to achieve the best visual effect, especially the hair follicle distribution in the hairline, otherwise, it will not look good even if it grows hair.

Now, do you have a complete idea of the hair regrowth system for men? Hope I can help you in the right way. No matter what kind of question you do not understand, you can ask me as soon as possible. 


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