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What Can We Do to Deal with Hair Thinning Crown?

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When you look at all these Instagram models, these celebrities you admire, and everyone around us having luscious, glamorous Hair that will never fail to attract them. Then you look at your Hair, and you are not happy about them because they are weak, brittle, thinning, and due to excessive hair fall, you now have bald spots on the top of your scalp, commonly known as Hair thinning crown male. Now you want Hair like these people but are hopeless on what to do, Lavivid Hair is here to guide you on what to do when your hair is thinning in the crown area.

Hair loss is average, everyone experiences hair loss. The excessive hair loss is leaving bald spots on your head, and you are seeing your Hair falling where ever you go is another kind of a daunting experience. Hair loss in men is so much more common than women. 85% of men around the world will go through hair loss at some point in their lives, which is not normal 50-100 strands a day hair loss. It is the kind of hair loss that would make you worry if you are going bald.

In some cases, it does eventually happen. Men end up going bald if they do not do anything to stop it. But luckily, before that stage comes to the Hair thinning part, which can be easily identified by the person going through it. Once you know your hair is thinning from the Crown, you need to go to the red alert mode to be cautious and careful which the things you are doing, which might affect your hair loss.

Are you familiar with the term "Hair Envy"? It describes how you feel about someone else's perfect Hair and wants them for yourself. Yes, we acknowledge that hair loss is not something everyone can process the same. For some, it is just another thing happening, and they are not bothered by it. Some shave their head and live happily with it, while many have to live with the constant dislike for their Hair; this is unhealthy in so many ways. So, don't lose hope for your Hair, have some faith, and start doing these things listed below for your hair thinning.

Things you should do if your Hair is Thinning from the Crown.

1- Consult a Doctor: As we have already discussed, it is customary to lose 50-100 strands of hair each day, so if you are experiencing hair loss, you need to make sure that it is excessive and not regular. In case you see more scalp and notice your hairstyle not looking like it used to look, it is better not to ignore the signs. You should visit the dermatologist and determine the cause behind it as there can be many hidden causes of hair loss like malnutrition, autoimmune disease, etc.

2- Increase your Protein Intake: Most people do not give what they are eating enough importance. They will trust hair growth pills that have all the necessary nutrients than taking those nutrients in their daily food intake. By increasing your protein consumption, you are giving food for your Hair.

3- Your body is trying to tell you something. Listen to it: Your hair condition doesn't only make you look attractive and on point, it also means you a lot about your health status. If your health is not suitable, it will start showing on your Hair, so try to figure out what is going on in your body what are you doing which might be causing stress to it.

4- Know your Vitamin Levels: Vitamins like Vitamin D and B12 are super essential for your hair growth. Low levels of these vitamins result in hair loss, slower hair growth, and eventually cause thinning enough to create bald spots. Get your vitamin levels checked then know from there what needs to be done.

5- Iron is more important than you think: Just like these vitamins, Iron is also very essential and not just for your Hair for the proper bodily functions. Suppose your vitamin levels are slow you that is probably why your Hair is thinning so fast. Increasing Iron in your daily intake can slow down the hair loss you are experiencing.

6- Treat your Scalp better: When you see that your Hair is falling everywhere, it eventually means that you need to start being gentle with your scalp. You can try oiling, give yourself a scalp massage, and look for relaxing treatments as even your scalp needs occasionally.

7- Improve your living conditions: Hair thinning crown male can be the reflection of your lifestyle, how you live, treat yourself. Healthier, you will eventually result in healthier hair, so you need to give a little more attention to how you live your life and stay active and hydrated and sleep well before making any other significant changes.

In the end, if you are looking for a solution for Hair thinning crown male, then Lavivid Hair has got a lot in the bag for you. You can visit their website and check out all the most realistic hairpieces they have for you to cover your hair thinning or even bald spots. 


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