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Honest Customer Feedback of Two Months Wearing LaVivid Hair System

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Today Jake Kent is sharing his feedback about LaVivid Eros hair system after two months of wearing it. Eros is a 0.02mm ultra thin skin unit and the hair is v-looped into the base. It doesn’t have knots anywhere on the base and it offers the most natural looking and undetectable hairline. 

We're going to talk about what the specs are of this, how it performed, what my general thoughts are, who it's good for who it's not good for, and more. 

LaVivid Hair System Packaging

LaVivid eros hair system is going to come in a box which is nice. I like the gold on it. It's pretty and inside when you open it up you're going to see that your hair system is going to come and it's going to have a netting over it as well as it's going to be on a piece of plastic that allows the hair system to keep the shape.


Eros Hair System for Men

Eros is a full ultra thin skin unit it is incredibly thin. This is a .02 millimeter unit this is just about as thin as it gets and it's honestly pretty awesome. I actually really enjoyed my time with this.

It comes with a 90 percent density as far as the Lavivid's scale of hair density. Hair density once again is how much hair is inserted into the hair system the more density you have the more hair it's going to look like you have up here. Higher densities are not meant for everybody and lighter densities are not meant for everybody if you are of European descent someone perhaps like me you have less natural hair doesn't go over the top with having a unit that is too thick it's not going to look as natural it will just be you can get away with it but it's not going to look as natural. 

Hair Wave

The hair itself has a 28-millimeter rod size which means that it's simply a body wave. The hair as you kind of aware it tends to lose some of its waves and tends to straighten out a little bit but it can be seen inside of the hair system right here if you look at this right here you can see it's got a gentle wave to it. 

Hair Material

Eros uses Indian Remy human hair. Remy hair just means that the cuticles have all been aligned in the proper direction they're all facing the same direction which means that your hair is going to look more natural and it's going to flow a little bit better. Indian hair is different than European hair which should be noted. Indian hair is going to be a little bit coarser it's going to be a little bit thicker the actual hair itself is going to be a little bit thicker so it's going to respond differently than European hair. 

Hair Knots

There are zero knots on this base whatsoever so this hair is v-looped. V-loops is really common in point zero two point zero three thin skin units so like the thinnest thin skin units in the world. However, this is not the most durable hair that you're going to find inside of a hair system just because it can come out. V-looped hair is not so stable as knotted hair. So this is the deal. V-looped hair is not as strong as singled knotted hair, while single knotted hair is not so stable as double knotted hair. On the other hand, double knotted hair has the biggest and noticeable knot while v-looped hair doesn’t have knots at all. So when you choose a hair system, you need to decide which ventilation works better for your needs. 

How does ultra thin poly work for active lifestyle

Around a year ago, I had a really bad experience with thin skin units when I first started wearing hair systems. I was basically overheating all the time. I was living in Florida working out doing crossfit every single day and I just had an unpleasant time like it was really not comfortable and I actually ended up shaving my head until I found hybrid systems where you know heat could escape and it was ventilated and I was just feeling so much better and decided I was never going back. I've tried these like .02 units now and it's actually changed my mind again. I live in Utah now it's a lot less hot which definitely has an impact but here's the thing these .02.03s are actually somewhat gas permeable. You can find videos online of smoke actually coming up through the poly thin skin. It is so thin that some smoke does come out of it it's definitely not a hundred percent breathable but there is some permeability for gas to get through this and I found that I have not really been overheating inside of these poly thin skins. 

Here is the 2-month review of lavivid hair system given by Jake Kent. If you want to share your experience with lavivid hair, contact and earn loyalty points or free product sponsorship opportunities.


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