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How to Measure The Toupee Size You Need?

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When it comes to picking the right style toupee, toupee size is an important factor. So how to know how much size I will need? Today we are going to talk about how to measure the toupee size you need for your specific hair loss pattern.

Men Receding Hairline  How to Measure


A lot of people have receding hairline but still have healthy hair on the top of the head and elsewhere. In this case, they dont want to shave their own hair to wear a toupee. We have a perfect solution for you which is a frontal hairpiece. A frontal hairpiece is designed to only cover the frontal area of your head, with which, you no need to shave your own hair. And very convenient to wear.

So how should I measure my size if I want a frontal hairpiece? The best way is to create a template and send it to us and we will make an exact same base size and shape with yours.

Or if you are outside of the U.S. and think it takes too long to ship over your template. Here is how you measure your size for the frontal hairpiece.


After you have the size measured, we can make one frontal hairpiece just in your size. Please also tell us the hair color, hair direction, hair density, hair length you need and we will process your order accordingly.

hair piece

The above we are talking about a custom frontal hairpiece which usually takes around 8 weeks. If you think that is too long, you also can buy our stock hair system in 8’’x10’’ and cut it into the shape you need.

Daniel has a receding hairline and he purchased our Eros hair system and he cut this hair piece to a 2’’ (width) x 5’’ (length) frontal hairpiece. See how it works for him.

Male Pattern Baldness  How to Measure


Well, if you have a bigger hair loss area and a frontal hairpiece is not big enough to cover it, then you need to consider a normal size toupee. Toupees have sizes of 6x8, 7x9, 8x10, 9x11 and other sizes. So how to measure the size?

First, you need to find your front hairline. An easy way is placing your 4 fingers onto your forehead and one side lines up with your eyebrow and the other side should be where your front hairline begins.

Then measure from one side to the other of your hair loss area to get the width number. Then measure from your front hairline to the back of your hair loss area to get the length. Please refer to below picture.

Here please be noted that this size is not to measure your whole head but only the hair loss area. The size should be width (b) x length (a).

These are the two methods to measure your size. If you still have any questions about this, please feel free to contact us by and our experts will walk you through the whole process.


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