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The Tips to Help You Stop Male Pattern Baldness

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The toxic relationship between men and their hair is not new. It has been going on for ages. You might find it surprising that over 85% of the men around the globe with experience extensive hair fall before they even hit the age of 50. Now hair fall and baldness because of male pattern baldness are not the cases in all those 85% of the male population, but it is why the hair loss over 50% of these men. For some males, the hair pattern baldness can start the hair loss in the age as early as their teens.

So What is Male Pattern Baldness?

It is a condition that causes hair loss in men. In male-pattern baldness, several hormones changes occur, making the hair follicles of the hair weaker and weaker, making the hair grow thinner, and with time, hair follicle starts to shrink to the extent that it cannot allow any hair growth. Scary right?

How do you get Male Pattern Baldness? Our ancestors mostly pass it down to us. So it is hereditary. The age when it will affect you is not absolute, and our genetics has nothing to do with at what age it starts to affect us. The hair loss merely begins from the temple of your head, or your hairline will begin to recede. There may come a time when you might even have small bald spots on your head, or there will be significant hair thinning on top of your head in the crown area. Yes, we acknowledge it can be quiet a scary experience watching your hair volume decreasing day by day. If you wonder how you can find out if you are going through Male Pattern Baldness if hair loss is common and every individual on earth experiences it?

1- If you are a victim of Male Pattern baldness, your hair will trouble you in being styled the way you used to. It will not look good as you will notice the decrease in the volume.

2- If you are going through Male Pattern Baldness, your hairline will be receding, meaning your forehead will look more prominent than before. It is not the whole hairline for some men, but just the hair around the temples starts to recede.

3- If you are going through male pattern baldness, your hair growth will be affected immensely, meaning your hair will grow much slower and much thinner than they used to.

4- If you probably see your hair around the house, meaning on your clothes, shower drains, or even on your pillow or bed, You might be going through male pattern baldness.

Types of Male Pattern Baldness.

Like any other medical condition, Male pattern baldness also has different stages, each having different hair fall levels.

  • Type 1: At this level, men experience very minimal hair fall and slight hairline recession.
  • Type 2: In this stage, the hair loss starts from the temples, and it's slightly more than type 1. Type 2 hair loss is more symmetrical.
  • Type 3: In this type, hair loss is significant enough to be visible to the person experiencing it. At this stage, the hair loss at temples is very noticeable.
  • Type 4: By the time your male pattern baldness reaches stage four, you can easily see a crown on your head balding, or significant hair thinning on your height.
  • Type 5: The hair recession which started from your crowns has reached farther back; you can quickly feel bald spots on different parts of your hair.
  • Type 6 & 7: By the time your Male pattern baldness reaches this stage, you have gone entirely bald from your crown. You only have aired on your sides and not even there in some cases.   

What can be done to prevent it?

To answer this, we might need an example, suppose everyone in your paternal family wears glasses, eyesight problems are passed down through genetics in your family now you are very likely to get your eyesight weakened. Hence, you avoid anything that might aid in it, That will not stop your eyes from getting weak, but it will prevent the problem. Eventually, you will have to wear contacts in the long run, but it will not be as worse as everyone else around you. Same with the Male Pattern baldness, you can not completely stop it. What you can do is take care of your hair, which will eventually keep your hair from falling off and save you from extensive hair loss. Some measures you can take are that you can keep track of what you are eating and take a protein-rich diet to aid in your hair growth and strength. You can consult a doctor. In some cases, it may be some deficiency inside your body, making your hair loss worse. In that case, vitamins can help as well.

To Stop Men Pattern Baldness, your one-stop solution is simple: Hair Replacement Systems. As this condition cannot be stopped and will only get worse and surgical hair replacements do not provide a long-term solution, as there is no solution containing it, we recommend you to start using Hair Replacement systems as if you opt for it sooner than you will be able to successfully transitioning to head full of hair without anyone knowing about your baldness. If you want to get yourself high-quality hair systems check out Lavivid Hair as they are known for their premium quality hair systems worldwide.  


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