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Different Hair Densities Lead to Different Looking of the Front Hairline

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A natural-looking and undetectable front hairline is the ultimate goal of each hair system wearer. You do a lot of research online, try different bases, different thick hair to achieve the best front hairline as possible. However, this process could be very expensive and time assuming. Today we will talk about the relationship between hair density and the front hairline and the role that the hair amount plays in the front hairline look.

You might have seen many videos on youtube and Instagram, people are quite impressed by the ultra-thin skin unit which is the thinnest base ever available on the toupee market. We have to admit that that hairline is the best, however, does that mean the hairline of other bases are not natural looking and detectable. The truth is definitely NO. Read on to find out why.

Low-Density Hair Unit

For low or light density hair units, like 95%, 90% or even less, the hair base has to be very thin and transparent to achieve a natural-looking hairline.

Like the picture below, Michael is wearing a LaVivid 0.03mm ultra-thin skin hair system. The hair density is 90% light density. The hair is v-looped onto the base so there is no knot that can be seen. The hair is sparse and scattered, so it has a higher requirement on the base and the base has to be thin and transparent enough and you can see your scalp through the base.


For transparent bases, 0.03mm, 0.04mm, and swiss lace bases are all very transparent. For a 0.04mm base, the front hairline is also in 0.03mm thick, so it has the exact same hairline as a 0.03mm base. For a swiss lace base, it is the most delicate, soft and transparent lace available on the market. Plus the knots are bleached, so a swiss lace base also offers a natural-looking hairline.

Medium Light and Medium Density Hair Unit

For medium light or medium density hair units, they also can offer you a very natural hairline no matter what the base material is. Why the hair base doesnt affect the looking of the front hairline when the hair density is higher? Thats because the thick hair can cover the visible hairline perfectly.

The above picture is our Brad mono hair system. The base has mono in the middle and 0.1mm skin in the perimeter. This structure and material is very durable and strong and this hair system can last at least 9 months. The picture on the right side is after the haircut. The hair direction is backward and you can have a combed back or slicked back hairstyle with this hair unit with no problem at all.

As you can see from the right picture, the hair in the front covers the front hairline quite perfectly. With a unit like this, you can have the hairstyle you want, the natural-looking hairline and the long lifespan as well.

All in all, it is not true that the thinner the base is, the more natural the hairline is. You can also have a natural-looking and undetectable hairline with a thick base and thick density hair.

If you are not sure whether a hair system can give the hairline you want, feel free to contact us by and we are more than happy to help you out.




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