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The Symptom When I Am Going Bald

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Seeing so many bald guys around us, we cant help thinking am I going to be one of them? How do I know I am going balding or losing my hair? Are there any signs? So I could take action to prevent that from happening.

Here is my hair loss story. I started losing my hair or at least I noticed that thinning in my hair I would say like early 20s. I was very lucky I had really beautiful thick even wavy blond hair like a dark blonde. I grew it out to where I actually had kind of like a skater haircut where the front came really far down. I used to wear hats all the time and I did notice that when I take the hat off that I would see hair. I think what was happening was because of the pressure of wearing it all the time. 

What started happening was that my hair started getting further and further back in and it started getting a bit finer and thinner on top and then one day I said oh I just want to buzz my head. I got a buzz haircut and then all of a sudden it just started to look like it was bald anyway.


When you see your hair in the two corners of your forehead progressively going further back, there are chances that you may likely be losing your hair.


It could happen that you just lose the hair into the corners and keep the hair in the middle part still be thicker but it's going to recede quite a bit. You can have areas in the back where it's just literally a bald spot. There are different stages and they call it male pattern baldness different patterns of hair loss. However, if you are in your 20s and you've got so much hair but you notice that the corners may be going back a little bit. Don't worry about it because sometimes it naturally happens to people and it may not get any worse. It doesn't mean all of your hair is going to fall out or like next week. It could be happening to you. It's a genetic thing and it could be stress or medications or hair products.


Here's another scenario that you notice the hair in the middle top of the head is becoming thinner and thinner. If you wear a middle part daily, you will see the hairline is wider and wider. Especially when you compare your photos from two years ago, one year ago. If this was completely filled in and then all of a sudden now it's like really sparse and it's not as dense yes there's a chance that you could be losing your hair. It doesn't mean it's all gonna fall out by tomorrow but there is a chance you are losing it.

Here are the scenarios that might be the sign of hair loss or going balding. You cannot fight against it if you carry a family gene of hair loss. If none or a few of your family members have hair loss, keeping a healthy lifestyle can help prevent hair loss. For more questions about hair loss, you can contact, our experts will help you solve any problems related to hair loss.


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