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The Effect of A Men Frontal Hairpiece And Who Is It for?

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For people who only have receding hairline and you want to cover it but you dont want to shave all the hair on the top of the head. So what should we do? Here is when a men frontal hairpiece play its role. So how does it work?

This is LaVivid Zeus Men's Frontal Hairpiece and it is specifically designed for people who have hair loss only in the front hairline, which is also called receding hairline, and still have healthy hair elsewhere on the head. As we all know, for a normal hair toupee, people need to shave all the hair on the top of the head and bond the toupee on. However, for this frontal hairpiece, you no need to shave any hair off. This also resolves the problem that people feel awkward and embarrassed while taking off the toupee because of this horseshoe shape of shaved head.

With a frontal hairpiece like this, it is super easy to work with.  The hair piece base measures 4.5cm x 18cm and you can tailor it to match your front hairline. Here at LaVivid, we have poly base in stock and we can customize lace frontal hairpiece for you if you prefer a lace base.

Please check above picture. Can you see the difference between these two?

For the one on the left, what you see is the back line of the hairpiece and it is a style for people wearing a fringe. This is more for Asian people.

For the one on the right, what you see is the front hairline of the hair piece. It is for people who comb their hair back and expose the hairline.

So you can choose based on your own habit of wearing your hair.

Above pictures show you how this frontal hairpiece work on a person and what kind of receding hairline it works for. It will give you supper natural looking front hairline and realistic appearance.

If you have any questions about this hairpiece, please feel free to contact And their experts are more than happy to help you out.


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