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How to Use the Partial Frontal Hair System

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A partial frontal hair system is a partial hair unit that covers only the front hairline. Here at lavivid, we have our Zeus male frontal hairpiece which is specifically designed for people who have hair loss only at the front hairline, which is also commonly called a receding hairline, and still have healthy hair elsewhere on the head.

With this product, people have no need to shave their heads to wear this piece; the only requirement is to bond this piece at the front hairline. It is very important to have a hairstylist blend the frontal hairpiece hair with people's existing hair.  This will lead to a much more natural and professional-looking result.

Zeus has two hair direction options for you to choose from. One has the hair direction growing forward, while the other is directing backward. So, if you plan to expose your hairline and have a slicked-back hairstyle, then choose the "Backward Hair Direction" option. If you plan to wear the hair forward like a fringe, please choose the "Forward Hair Direction" option.  

When Zeus is made in the factory, the hair direction, whether it is forward or backward, is fixed and cannot be changed. So, when you purchase Zeus, consider the hairstyle you want to achieve with it and select the right hair direction option.


A Seamless Blending Is Essential to Make It Look Natural

As you can see in the above pictures, the hair length is in a default length and you need to take it to a professional to get it cut and blended with your own hair. A partial frontal hair system is a very small piece, so a good blending is extremely important. To know more how does the frontal hair system work, please check the following video.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by and our experts will guide you in every step.




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