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The Principle for A Skin Hair System Working for Intense Working Out

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As we all know that skin hair systems are not so breathable and it is not a good option for active people or people who sweat a lot. However, does a skin hair system work at all for working out or even intense working out? Today we are sharing an experiment that Jake Kent makes. He is wearing a skin hair system while working out pretty intensely. Let’s see how he says about wearing a skin hair toupee while working out.

Why I'm doing this experiment is that as we become better men as we destigmatize hair loss and as we try to improve ourselves. The physical body is one of those elements it's not the only element but it's an important one. This is the workout we are going to do it's going to be a snatch one rep max is for those that you don't know what a snatch is it's when you take a barbell loaded with weight bring it from the ground to directly over your head in one smooth motion not that easy followed by that one rep max the heaviest weight that we're going to be doing. We're going to be doing every minute on the minute for six minutes at 165 pounds. We're going to be doing four reps so that's in a total equal 24 reps over six minutes after we do that we're going to do an ab am rep workout means as many reps as possible and we're going to do this for 20 minutes. It's going to consist of using a ghd for 15 minutes which you'll see what that is doing 15 v ups. We're going to be doing off sled drag horizontally and you'll see what that is as well that's going to work our frontal plane our side to side motion this is going to get our core nice and strong and we're going to finish it off with hanging windshield wipers this is working the transverse plane of our abdominals and this is useful for twisting motion so we're going to cover all facets of our abs and core today to get strong so let's hop into the gym and then we're going to talk about what it's like to be using a hair system my experience with the poly thin skin all this kind of stuff at the end.

We are back at home. I just got done with the workout. So today was obviously all about core. It was all about stabilizing our mainline through a couple of different planes of movement. This is really important stuff if you're doing full body training because your core is your stabilization. Having a strong core is going to help you whether you're working at a desk job or you're working a construction job this is something that is so underrated as far as um working out goes. So how it felt all that kind of stuff. I'm wearing a poly thin skin right now and I have been wearing this for close to three months now working out and experimenting with it. It is 0.03 millimeters and it is very thin poly thin. Skin really doesn't give much as far as heat diffusion out of the hair system from your scalp however there is some heat diffusion. There is some gas permeability to an ultra thin skin that is very very thin some of the heat can escape. 

My opinion has been actually that you should be using a hybrid system so poly border and a lace in the center the reason for this is because poly is really easy to clean up especially with tape. For the hybrid system, the lace in the center really makes it so that way there is no overheating problem whatsoever it's not itchy it's not scratching anything like that I've got to say though these ultra thin skin units they've really kind of changed my mind a lot. I really enjoy using an ultra thin skin unit as a whole. It is very easy to clean up, very easy to use and I really haven't had many problems lately with overheating. That being said, I'm in a little bit colder climate. I'm no longer in florida. I live in Utah so right now the temperatures down in the 40s or 50s but that being said I haven't really had any problem with overheating even when it's warm. I've tried going in a sun and I've tried going into hot springs all this kind of stuff. Not really a problem which is really interesting. So I don't know if I'm changing or just the ultra thin skins units or are better for this right here whatever it is though going to the gym really is no problem with a hair system. If that is what's holding you back you're thinking like hey I do something really physical, I exercise, I do some kind of sport, it's not really too much of an issue when it comes to wearing a hair system you know there are some things that you got to be aware of sure yeah but ultimately not a big deal. This is something that you can absolutely get on top of and manage if you know what you're doing if you learn about what you're doing.


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