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Why Many People Choose the Best Breathability Hair Systems?

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We did a hair system breathability test today. We use a moisturizer to imitate a person sweating and evaporating a lot of heat. Then we put the hair system onto it and to see whether there is heat coming through the base. So in this way, you can see with which bases you sweat or heat can evaporate through the base while which cannot.

Generally, there are four basic types of base materials and they are Lace, Skin, Monofilament (Mono) and Silk. All the different bases you see on the market are constructed with one or a combination of these four basic materials. The base material from left to the right is lace, skin/poly, mono and silk.


Lets see how each base material performs with Heat evaporation. It turns out that with lace, mono and silk bases, you all can see heat evaporates through the base pretty smoothly and in big amount. While with the skin/poly base, you cannot see any heat coming through the base. Instead, you will see water drops creating inside of the base.

For a lace base, it is a single layer mesh base. So the heat evaporates the best. For a monofilament base, it is also a mesh base but much denser than a lace base. For a silk base, a tri-layer is used to perfectly conceal the hair knots between layers. Also, it gives the illusion that the hair is actually growing out from your own scalp. These 3 layers are also meshed materials, so with a silk base, you also can have good breathability even it is thick. 

How does this test help when you pick a hair system? 

Some people have a very active lifestyle. They work out frequently and sweat a lot or just have oily skin, then you have to go with a breathable hair unit like lace, mono or silk. However, if you are not so active, these units definitely work for you but you will have a broader choice including skin/poly units which are not so breathable.  

Breathability is only one factor you need to consider when you choose a hair system, you also need to consider many other factors like the density, front hairline, hairstyle, etc to pick a perfect fitted hair unit. If you're confused or don't know how to choose the hair system. Contact us by and our experts will guide you pick the right style.



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