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How Long Would A Hair System Maintain Its Quality?

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How long do hair systems last? How to lengthen your hair systems service life? For people who love beauty, Hair pieces maybe just tools for changing their hairstyles, and they are not often worn. For alopecia sufferers, Hair pieces are essential for covering the scalp and eliminating embarrassment. Therefore, the service life of Hair pieces is very important to them. After all, re-selecting wigs also need to be considered within a long time. 

Therefore, how to prolong the service life of Hair pieces becomes particularly important. So how to prolong the service life of a hairpiece? Let's take a look at what should be paid attention to in extending the service life of Hair pieces.

First, do not rub your hairpiece when washing. You must rub the shampoo into foam in your palm, then spread it evenly on your hair, and gently stroke it from top to bottom. Never wash your hairpiece when you are wearing it.

Second, a hair conditioner should also be used for hair extension. Because it is real hair, the proper amount of conditioner will make hair smoother and not easy to tangle.

Third, using a towel to absorb the dry hairpiece, and then comb it and press the wet hair. It's best to prepare a comb with big teeth, instead of combing it to the end, it's best to grasp the joint with the other hand.

How long do hair systems last, the second step is to know the way of hair styling?

Hair pieces need to be taken care of. The meaning of taking care of it is to grasp it by hand and shape it in the right way. You can style it according to your feelings. Get a hairstyle that suits you.

Some people can have the same effect as models, but some can't. There are many reasons that they cannot get a perfect hairstyle: face size, different facial features, and head size.

Because of the difference in face sizes. Some people may think that the hairpiece on the model's head is not the same length as their hair pieces.

That is because the hair piece’s length depends on the reference object. All the models are models with a small face and a small head. Maybe individual styles will feel different in length especially for men with short hair.

In addition, the customer with a small face and a small head is more suitable for wearing a hairpiece. If it doesn't look good on you, it's probably because you didn't take care of it well, or because your makeup is not suitable.

Hair pieces are often not fluffy when people receive them. It has also been stressed that hair pieces need to be taken care of. You need to grasp your hair pieces into fluffy style with your hands.

Customers who don't often wear hair pieces may wear them for a long time for the first time. It doesn't matter, take your time. Wear it several times, and it will get better and better after you find the feeling!  

Let’s talk about the ways of maintenance

1. You can trim hair pieces according to your face style. Everyone's face size and figure are different, but Hair pieces are all in the same shape. Customers need to find ways to make wigs fit their faces.

For example, customers with small foreheads can trim bangs shorter, and those who like straight bangs can cut them flat by themselves. Customers with particularly long hair or a lot of hair may have to put extra hair into the hairpiece.

2. Although the hairpiece is human hair, it is different from real human hair, so it can't be dyed and permed!

3. After wearing it, you should comb it neatly and put it on a hair piece stand, cover a bag on it keep the dust away from the hairpiece.

4. Although the hair piece can be washed, it is not recommended to wash it often. Unless it is very dirty, you should take it off and wash it.

5. Be careful when washing, do not rub it with your hands, knead it gently, and wash it with conditioner. If you want to wash it with water, the water flow must be fine.

6. Don't wring it out after washing, lay it flat on a towel and press it dry, then hang and dry it in the shade. You can blow it with a hairdryer across your hands, but you can't put it in the sun.

7. It is best to use a steel comb to comb the hairpiece. Don't comb it to the end, comb it gently.

Now, are you clear with how long do hair systems last?   


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