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The Type of Alopecia in Men

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How many kinds of alopecia in men?

Alopecia is an excessive loss of hair from the scalp, especially in men. It can be complete or partial loss of hair and occurs on either on the entire head, in patches, or even spread to the whole body. It is also commonly known as baldness. It happens when the hair follicles are attacked, and the hair falls out .alopecia in men is frequently caused by a medical condition called androgenic alopecia, which causes permanent hair loss or can be inherited from the parents. Alopecia in men can also result from stress, autoimmune diseases, thyroid disorders, and hormonal changes. Alopecia or baldness are of different types and are classified based on the way the hair falls out. Below are some types of alopecia.

Types of alopecia in men

Alopecia areata

This is a condition where hair from scalp falls, leaving circular bald patches. With time the loss can spread to other hair-bearing areas leading to complete hair loss a condition called alopecia totalis. This condition usually begins without warning and affects children and adults.

This condition results from an attack of hair follicles by the immune system of the body. Alopecia areata may prevent hair regrowth, and when it grows back, the hair will likely fall out again. There is no proven cure for this condition, but there are several treatments that might help to prevent loss of hair in the future and also to grow hair back.

Traction alopecia

Traction alopecia is caused by constant pulling hair away from the scalp with force such that hair strands are damaged. This condition can arise from some hairstyles such as "cornrows" and "ponytails" that result in high tension, hair breakage, and pulling. Chemical straightening or weaving can also result in this condition. This condition can be treated at early stages, but when left untreated for long, it can lead to permanent loss of hair. This condition can be prevented by avoiding tight hairstyles, limiting the use of chemicals, and using hair growth products.

Alopecia totalis

Alopecia tatalis is a skin condition that leads to complete hair loss in the head. It is known to be an advanced form of localized alopecia areata that causes patches of bald patches on the scalp of men but is different from the most dangerous type of alopecia called alopecia Universalis that leads to a complete loss hair on the whole body. This condition is caused by a problem of the immune system, which makes the defense mechanism in the body attack the hair follicle mistakenly hence stopping the process of hair growth.

Androgenic alopecia

This is a condition that is also known as pattern baldness or pattern hair loss. This condition causes hair to disappear gradually from the frontal scalp and the crown, and if it is not controlled, it can spread to complete baldness. Androgenic alopecia typically leads to permanent loss hair; hence the hair will not be able to regrow leading to baldness. This condition is believed to result from a combination of the male hormone called dihydrotestosterone and genetics.

Alopecia Universalis

This is a condition unlike other types of hair loss that causes a complete loss of hair from the scalp and other hair-bearing parts of the body. It is an advanced form of alopecia that leaves parts such as eyes, nasal cavity, and scalp very exposed to sun, bacteria, and other harmful elements. This condition is treated by the use of topical immunotherapies, which redirects the response of the immune system away from follicles.

Anagen effluvium

This condition arises from medical treatment, e.g., chemotherapy that results in rapid hair shedding. These fast-acting medical treatments kill cancer, but they also cease hair follicle production in the scalp and other hair-bearing parts of the body. This is characterized by single or several bald patches that result from interruption of hair growth in a localized region of the scalp. The usually grows back after the medical treatment ends.

Telogen effluvium

This is a type of hair loss on the scalp that occurs when large numbers of follicles are pushed prematurely to the resting phase of the hair growth cycle, and the next step fails to Begin. This forces hair to shed rapidly from the scalp with and it ceases the growth of hair. This condition does not lead to complete hair loss, but hair may appear thin at the temples and crown.


There are many reasons for hair loss. You need to judge the cause of hair loss based on your actual situation. At present, there is no effective treatment for hair loss. Many drugs are effective in the short term. Once you stop taking it, the hair loss will resume. Alopecia is a condition that can make cause depression and loss of confidence in men. Every man in the world is a risk of losing hair, especially from the scalp or any hair-bearing part in the body. This makes alopecia a critical topic that allows men to understand various causes and treatments of different types of alopecia. Understanding it helps them to treat and prevent hair loss before the condition spreads or becomes worse. Lavivid hair is happy to help you, our professional team and 24-hour service can help you solve the problem of hair loss,


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