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How to Use Men's Crown Hair Piece Cover the Crown Baldness?

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Wearing a men's crown hair piece is a measure of last resort in fighting crown thinning. Crown hair thinning is a nightmare for any man, as it is considered the first step towards getting fully bald. Luckily, there are some ways you can prevent and fight hair thinning. You can combat this condition with methods that promote hair growth or by wearing a hairpiece, which covers the bald area. Find below a guide on crown hairpieces to help you know more about them before buying them.

How to know that it's time to wear a men's crown hairpiece?

A crown hairpiece is designed for men who suffer from advanced baldness in the crown area of the scalp, or at least, from hair thinning, which is a condition where hair fibers fall off easily or when follicles are too weak to generate hair growth. The decision to wear a hairpiece should be taken when the crown part gets too bald, providing an unnatural and ugly look to the scalp.

Generally, men choose to wear a hairpiece at different stages of hair thinning. Some start wearing a hair system from the very first fibers that have fallen off, others resort to this step only when the baldness gets too visible and ugly. Fortunately, avoiding getting completely bald in the crown area is possible, if you treat the hair loss issue on time.

How to treat crown thinning?

Among ways of fighting hair thinning are medications, a healthy diet and some actions involving a more gentle care of your hair, such as: using natural shampoos that don't contain harsh chemicals, avoiding washing the hair with hot water, and avoiding rubbing aggressively the hair when washing it, all of them being oriented towards preventing pulling off the sensitive hair fibers.

As regards medications, you are encouraged to use shampoos rich in minoxidil, which help stimulate and nourish follicles, promoting intense hair growth. Also, you need to eat food containing much iron, which strengthens the follicles helping them grow new hair.

Which crown hairpiece is better for me?

If you fail to prevent baldness in the crown area, you might need to wear a hairpiece to cover the gap on the scalp that doesn't look aesthetically at all. The hair system that is best for you in this situation is a toupee or a topper. These are hairpieces smaller in size than a wig and targeting only an area on the scalp that got bald or that is affected by thinning hair.

Toupees differ in terms of material and type of base, so you have to analyze your needs and resources well before deciding which toupee to choose. First of all, it is important to take a look at the base of the hairpiece. The silk base is better for extended wear, as it is compatible with adhesive, which is praised for its long-lasting and stronghold. So if a significant gap has formed on your crown area, you may need to choose a toupee suitable for permanent use, which is the one having a silk base.

Lace base can also be used for extended wear. But, taking into consideration that it is applied using tapes, you will need to reinforce the bonding once a week or even more frequently. Luckily, tapes are easier to apply and remove than adhesive and don't involve much mess, so you will not have a hard time reapplying the toupee again and again.

Another criteria for choosing a crown hairpiece is the fiber material. You can choose either a synthetic fiber topper or a human hair topper. Synthetic fiber looks slightly less natural, but it is cheap and doesn't require much effort and time for its maintenance. On the other hand, a toupee made of human hair is more expensive, but it allows you to dye it and is more compatible with care products, like conditioners, which means that it will be easier for you to moisturize, untangle and add volume to the hairpiece.

Where to get high-quality crown hairpieces?

If you search for a place to buy men's crown hair pieces, is what you need. The supplier offers a large variety of hair systems that meet the highest standards of quality and service for years to come. Along with hairpieces, you get access to a wide range of maintenance products that help you keep your wig like new and postpone its replacement in the near future. You can find men's hairpieces, as well as other stylish hair systems here.


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