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How Much Do You Spend in Hair Systems And Application Per Year?

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How much do hair systems, styling, accessories cost you per year? This is the most asked question from our customers. Today we are going to break down all the costs including hair systems and products you have to use in this process. At the same time, we will walk you through all the necessary products you will need for a successful hair system application.

Step 1: Cost of Hair System Itself - $720

Here at LaVivid, we have more than 20 different styles with a price ranging from $160 to $300. So we take an average number here which is $180 per piece. Then we take an average lasting time of 3 months for the calculation. So the yearly cost is $180*4 = $720.

Step 2: Scalp Preparation Products Cost  - $16

So after you have picked your hair system, then you need to put it on. However, before doing that, you need to get your scalp well prepared.

The preparation products people use varies from one to another. Some people skip this step while some people use a lot of preparation products for different purposes. We do recommend you at least use a scalp protector for the preparation.  It creates a barrier between your scalp and the glue or tape, so it helps a lot against irritation and it also helps improve the bonding time. You can choose the normal version of scalp protector or the thick version based on your own needs.


The scalp protector is $8 and can be used for at least half a year. So in this step, it costs you $16 a year.

Step 3: Application Cost  - $64

Here in this step the cost varies the most and the cost difference comes mainly from whether you go to a salon to get it fit in or you apply it yourself.

Well, here we suppose you apply it for yourself and in this step, you will need glue or tapes. Take below glue for example. It is $32 and can be used for half a year. So the yearly cost in this step is $64.

Step 4: Hair System Cleaning and Styling Cost - $50

Depending on your personal wearing habits, you can leave the hair system on the head for around two weeks, and remove it, clean it and reattach it which brings you to another round of application starting from Step 2.

To remove the hair system, the product you will need is Lace Release. To remove adhesive residue, you need to use C22 adhesive remover.


The lace release is $14 and the C22 is $7 and they can be used for half a year. So the yearly cost is $42.

In this process, you might also need cotton balls or some other accessories and then make the total as $50.

Generally speaking, the total cost of wearing a hair system is $850 per year. This calculation is done on a high end, so you can decide which products you dont need and remove it from the list. This is just for your reference when you consider wearing a hair system. You can also choose to go to the salon to maintain your hair system, their price could be much higher but you don't have to do it yourself.

If you have any questions or need any assistance in picking a hair system, please feel free to contact me through We are at your service 24 hours and provide you with professional guidance




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