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Something You Should Know about the Non Surgical Hair Replacement Price

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The non surgical hair replacement price can be the primary concern when people purchasing the product. Today, we will give you a general introduction to the cost of a hair unit and its maintenance cost. 

Compared to taking a hair transplant surgery, the cost of wearing non-surgical hair replacements is much lower. However, apart from paying for the product, hair loss people wearing the systems should also pay for the maintenance. 

How much does a hair toupee cost?

The hair toupee is one of the most popular types of non-surgical hair replacements. Such a product has many advantages and it is highly welcomed by middle-aged people. There are generally four types of hair toupees for men. The most common ones are the poly base and lace base hair units. 

The lace base can be further divided into a French base and a Swiss base. The major advantage of a quality hair unit is that it can give you an undetectable look of hair. Compared to hair transplant surgery, you can see the effects of wearing the system immediately. 

The inconvenience lies in the application and removal of a hair system. If you do not use the correct method or ask for the help of professional hairdressers, you may damage the whole system or the hairpieces and also hurt your scalp. But after you handle the techniques of wearing a hair replacement, it will be a useful tool in your life. 

Then, how much does a hair unit cost? According to our searching results, the price of a hair toupee for men can be very low. The average price in Amazon is around 250 US dollars. From the perspective of different types of hair systems, most people can afford lace and thin skin base hair replacements while mono and silk hair toupees usually cost higher. 

What results in the differences in non surgical hair replacement price? Making materials and functions. Mono hair systems are the most durable compared to the lace and thin skin ones. The lace base features lightweight and high breathability. 

The thin skin base hair unit can give you a realistic appearance of the hairline. The silk base one gives a vivid scalp look as realistic as the real one. It is also made by the most advanced techniques, thus costing more than other types of toupees. Sometimes a hair base may be too large for you, you can cut it yourself or pay for the pre-cut service. 

If you still cannot find a satisfactory product among the above-mentioned types, you can also order a customized product. The cost may be a bit higher but you can get a hair toupee that 100% suits you. 

How much does the maintenance of a toupee cost?

The lasting time of the hair systems varies depending on their making materials and quality. Take the products from our store, Lavivid, for example, the lace hair unit can last for 3-6 months while the mono one can last for a longer time. 

Poor maintenance will shorten the life span of a toupee. The same reason can apply to any other product. How to care well for the hairpieces? First, you need to know the correct way of cleaning and drying. Since the hairpiece is made of real human hair, the same as our hair, they need to absorb nutrients. 

Therefore, it is better to choose hair washing products that contain certain elements that are good for hair like vitamins. It is also suggested to notice whether the products containing some strong chemicals that will harm hair. Not only the hairpiece should be protected but your scalp should also be carefully protected. 

Before applying the hair unit, you can apply a layer of skin protection whose cost is not more than 20 US dollars. In short, to maintain a hair system, you need a hair conditioner, shampoo, skin protection, toupee glues, and toupee removal. All these products may cost you more than 100 US dollars. 

To conclude

The non surgical hair replacement price is linked with the product quality. However, an expensive product may not be the one that suits you best. Price is one of the important factors we need to consider, but the product quality, performance, and the post-sale service of the store you buy products from also matter.


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