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How Much Would A Toupee Cost? Depends on Your Choice

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How much would spend on a toupee? It depends on your appetite and the material of your hairpiece. Why your hair’s appearance is changing day by day? You can figure out various reasons as your hair is getting thinner and thinner. There are many solutions that you can have a try, like a toupee.

Nowadays, a perfect hairstyle affects people’s out-looking, so more and more people choose to wear a hair toupee. The toupee wearers can dye, bleach, or curl their toupee without damages the natural hair.

What‘s a toupee?

You need to know what is a toupee before you know How much would spend on a toupee. You would better know more details like plastic, nylon, or real human hair. Different materials toupee has different using life.

A toupee which is made of real human hair’s service life can be up to 3 years. If you store and care for it well, the service life can last much longer. Everyone wants to purchase the best toupee at a quite friendly price.

How much would spend on a toupee?

Many factors can affect the toupee’s price-setting such as material, quality, production method, etc. Without any doubt, a real human hair toupee has the natural look and feel much authentic. It has a longer service life than nylon and plastic toupees. A real human hair toupee needs careful maintenance to make sure it can be worn for a longer time.

A toupee is not poisonous to your scalp. A professional toupee is very durable and fixed on your head securely. If you are taking any drugs or under medical conditions like chemotherapy treatments or alopecia that makes your hair loss a real human hair toupee is the perfect choice for you.

For a customer, although he takes the quality in the first place, the better qualified the toupee the high price the toupee cost is. The hair toupee may range from 150 USD to 2000 USD.

Basically speaking, for human hair toupee, has two kinds, one is Remy hair and the other is virgin hair. Virgin hair is more expensive than Remy hair. Why so expensive? Virgin hair is from one person. The hair is growing in the same direction from the root to tip as your natural hair.

When you buy a virgin toupee, the color and texture should be perfectly matched with your hair. What’s more, the toupee’s shape must be perfectly matched on your head also. Virgin hair is the most expensive toupee type but lasts the longest in use. You should feel the toupee is one part of your body with the virgin hair.

Besides, another 2 kinds of human hair are sold in the market. They are Remy hair and non-Remy hair. But these two kinds do not have the high-quality compared with virgin hair. Because the Remy hair is collected by not only one person. The manufacture collect all hair and dye, curl it before selling. The service life of these two kinds is shorter than virgin hair.

If you do not have so much money to purchase a high-end toupee, I advise you to buy a synthetic hair toupee. It is much cheaper than virgin hair and easy to store and care for. It can hold its shape firmly after washing, brushing, or strong wind blowing.

The shortcoming of this type of toupee is going to be damaged by heat when you blow your hair. It is not so authentic so that people around you will find you are wearing a toupee easily. A synthetic hair toupee only can be used for about 3 to 6 months.

Why do we focus on How much would spend on a toupee? Because a high-quality toupee is a necessary need for many bald people, make them more confident. So, people always think of the price of it. They want to buy a high-end toupee at a friendly cost.

You can have a professional as you like, since it is more like your own hair and look more natural, but you have to pay more attention to the maintenance. And do not be lazy with toupee maintenance. The care fees are the extra cost for your toupee purchase.


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