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Tips on Actually Applying Your Hair System Perfectly

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Today we are about to talk about applying your hair system on your head. It's a big moment, since you've gotten to this point, you've shaved your head, you made a template, and this is the last step. You've put some tape or you've put your liquid adhesive on your scalp and you're ready to go. Now I'm going to be introducing how to do this with a tape. The application method with liquid adhesive is very similar.   

All right, so we will start with having our unit taped up. After the perimeter of the hair system is taped all over, we can actually begin to apply it. This is really going to be the most stressful moment that you have during this whole process? At this current moment, your head right now probably looks something like it's got a horseshoe, shaved bald area, which is not a good look, not something that we want to look for. And now you've got to fit your template perfectly into that now. This is very easy for stylists to do when they're behind you. It will be a lot harder for you to apply it by yourself. 

Why Is It Easier For Stylists To Apply the Hair

So as stylists are putting the unit on you. Keep in mind. The bottom of the unit is sticky because it's got tape all over it. They can mark your forehead perfectly, match up exactly where your forehead is and get everything lined up and they have full control over your hair system as they are basically kind of roll it back onto your scalp. They can get it precisely. They can put tension on it and make sure it's nice and tight and roll it back. So that way it's just a great fit, and generally, they can do it on the very first attempt. It's a lot harder to do this when you're doing it to yourself first off. 

How To Apply the Hair By Yourself

When you apply the hair by yourself, you have to be looking in a mirror, and you're actually operating blind and it's tougher to do this if you have bangs which are long hair in the front of your hair system. They make you more blind to wear. 

So what are you going to need? This is the key to everything. Now isopropyl alcohol is absolutely huge to this whole step of doing this by yourself. If you can't find isopropyl alcohol in a spray bottle, all you have to do is go to a store to buy something in a spray bottle. Dump it out or put it in a different container. Pour the isopropyl alcohol in it, so that it is now what you want. 

The first step in this entire thing is you're going to spray isopropyl alcohol down your scalp. You want to get some isopropyl alcohol on all of the tapes too, and the reason why you want to get it on the tape and scalp is that when you do this, it creates a bit of an intermediary between your tape and your scalp, meaning that you can kind of move it around and adjusted. And if you get it wrong, you can bring it back up and you can apply some more isopropyl alcohol until you get it right. It'll kind of slide around, and it's easier to pick up. However, the isopropyl alcohol will actually evaporate in time because it’s mostly alcohol, and when it does, the bond solidifies when it's perfect. But that means you only have so much time in between each spray, so matter of fact you probably have thirty seconds to a minute. 

After you lined up the front edge of the hair system with your front hairline, you bring your hands up on top of your forehead, and you're going to lay down the front of it immediately. What you're going to have to do is you're going to have to roll this back a little bit and you're going to have to check if you get it right that you get on the right spot, and if you did it, you're going to take it off. When you take it off, it's going to feel a little sticky. It's going to feel maybe like you're pulling a little bit of hair. You're going to be fine, though you're not losing any hair when you do this. But as soon as you do this, spray down your head and your hair system and we're going to try this again. So this is going to take a little bit of time to get and it's going to be uncomfortable and you might not get it right the first time. Also, if you get hair from the hair system caught underneath your adhesive, it's OK. Use isopropyl alcohol to get it out of the adhesive, it'll come right out. So you're going to try again, mark your forehead and try to put it down. 

If you got it in the right position, here's what I do next. I pull up the front of the hair system to the outsides of the unit. And I'm trying to stretch the Poly or your hair system. So it's tight, and then I press it down and start to lock in. After that happens, I roll up the back of the unit and what I begin to do is I start positioning it. 

It's going to take a couple of times to really kind of get a feel for this and to feel confident with it, but once you get it. I swear, it is something that is going to come so naturally to you, and it's not going to be tough. You'll be fine and it's going to work. So once you actually have your hair system applied to your head and it's exactly where you want it to be, the last step that we're going to do is we're actually going to take a towel now. Once we have the towel over our head, we want to twist the ends and we want to pull down on these ends. What this will do is help make sure that the hair system is really adhering at all points, putting some tension on it, but not directly on anyone's spot. This is something that will help make sure our adhesive gets a really good bond to our scalp. 

The biggest lesson that I have for you is don't freak out. It can feel like when you try to apply it and you don't get it right, when you get hair stuck from the hair system as you've just ruined your hair system, you didn't ruin your hair system. Remember, isopropyl alcohol is going to save your life. If you get your hair system on top of your other hair, it's okay. Ice, appropriate alcohol, no matter what happens. isopropyl alcohol is going to be your friend inside of this encounter, remember that if you have a brand new hair system, you need to wipe it down with isopropyl alcohol and dish detergent, the base of it to wipe off the silicon spray. So that way your tape actually sticks to it. 

Now, one of the other things that might happen is that if isopropyl alcohol dries out for whatever reason and it starts to stick to your head and you try to lift it up, the tape could possibly come off of the unit and stick to your forehead. If that happens, it's all right. All you've got to do is to take off your hair system, dry it off, and replay the tape, then take the tape off of your forehead with some isopropyl alcohol. 

Wearing A Hair System is A Trial and Error Game

It's really a trial and error game. If you're going to do this yourself until you get a feel for it, it's going to feel really, really tough for the first couple of times. Because you're working over your forehead, you're trying to do things in a way that we don't usually do. We never try to put things on our forehead and have a lot of dexterity when we're doing this, so it's going to be tough for the first couple of times. But it's absolutely within your reach in your capabilities to learn how to do this, and it's important to learn how to do this because it's going to feel very liberating. 

The fact that you can apply your hair system, you can take it off, you can put it back on and you can clean it, you can wash it, you can do all of these things. It is a very liberating experience, but it's going to be tough at first. It's going to feel like you can't do it. So in order to learn how to do that you've got to keep on doing it. Give yourself a little extra time the first couple of times that you do this to make sure you have enough time to get it all done. Pressure is not a good feeling. 

Now something else to note. When you're putting your hair system on your head, make sure that you're in a dry, cool place. The reason for this is if your head is sweating, or it's very, very humid where you are. The bond might actually not set correctly. We want to have a dry, cool surface that way the bond and the adhesive can easily add here. If it does this, you're going to get great longevity out of your bond. If you have a lot of humidity or some sweat going on as you are applying your hair system, you're going to compromise that the bond is not going to last as long now. 


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