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What Is The Effective Way to Address Male Pattern Alopecia?

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Male pattern alopecia

Male pattern alopecia is the most common type of balding or thinning of hair that affects males around the world. Male pattern baldness occurs when the growth cycle of the hair growth is weakening, and the hair follicles shrink hence producing fine and shorter strands of hair, and over time the cycle stops; therefore, no hair will be created. It is usually characterized by loss of hair on the front and top of the scalp and receding hairline. The leading cause of this hair loss is genetics that is a combination of a hormone known as androgen and a genetic predisposition. Other causes include infections, psychological conditions, and nutrition deficiencies. This condition can be distressing for men hence making them seek remedies. Below are techniques to address male pattern alopecia.

Techniques to address male pattern alopecia

•Use of hairpieces or wigs

Men suffering from pattern alopecia can use hairpieces to cover receding hairlines, complete baldness, and thinning hair. Hairpieces are available and have a variety of colors, texture, and styles, which enable one to choose the style, color, and feel that is similar to the original hair hence making him have a natural look. Is can be done at a salon where the hairpieces stylist fixes the wing into the bald scalp giving men a more pleasing natural look.

•Use of finasteride


Finasteride is an expensive oral medication that helps men to slow down the rate of hair loss and encourage hair growth. It works by reducing the level of a hormone responsible for hair loss called dihydro-testosterone in the body. These hormones have an adverse effect on hair follicles because it makes them thin and become unhealthy hence reducing the leading to the production of weak hair or entirely stopping the production of hair. Reducing the level of this hormone helps to encourage hair regrowth and slow the hair loss in men.

•Use of minoxidil or Rogaine

Minoxidil is a topical ointment that individuals suffering from male pattern alopecia apply on their scalp to slow their hair loss. This medication also helps to stimulate hair follicles underneath the scalp to grow new hair hence making people suffering from hair loss regain their hair. This medication can be bought from the pharmacy, and its results can be seen after a period of four months to one year.

•Hair transplant

This is an expensive surgical procedure that helps people suffering from male pattern alopecia regain their hairline and lost hair. It is done by removing strips of hair from other parts of the boy and transplanting them into the bald parts of the scalp. There are two main methods of conducting this surgery, namely (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE).

Follicular unit transplantation involves removing a strip of skin from one part of the scalp and reinserting it to another part of the scalp where hair thinning has occurred. Follicular unit extraction involves removing hair follicles one by one from hairy parts of the body and transplanting it to the bald parts of the scalp.

•Use of artificial hair

This is a technique that functions by using a local anesthetic to implant synthetic fibers under the scalp. This helps people suffering from this male pattern alopecia regain their hairline and lost hair. Experts usually do this procedure carefully to reduce the risk of infection.


People with limited loss of hair usually opt to hide it through necessary hairstyles or haircuts. This is done by a hairstylist who makes creatives cuts that hide the hair loss. But this method can't fundamentally treat hair loss

•Scalp massage

This is a practice that is done by people suffering from male pattern alopecia to help them to regrowth their hair and increase the quality of hair. Scalp massage stimulates the blood vessel beneath the scalp to dilate hence increasing blood circulating in the head. This ensures that there is an adequate supply of nutrients, hormones, and oxygen to the cell responsible for hair growth, therefore, promoting growth thick and healthy hair, which is susceptible to hair loss.

•Low-level laser therapy

This is a safe form of heat treatment under supervision male pattern alopecia. It helps an individual to improve blood circulation beneath the scalp, which ensures that there is an adequate supply of nutrients, hormones, and oxygen, which are required for hair production. Low-level laser therapy encourages the growth of healthy hair, which is less prone to hair loss.


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