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The Guide to Apply A Natural Frontal Hair Piece

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What is a frontal piece?

While some men feel ok with the baldness at the front of their hairline, others feel the need to cover it with a frontal piece. This hairpiece is a miniature wig, designed for men who are bald at the front of their scalp while having the rest of the hair healthy. By wearing it, men try to disguise their front baldness that is caused by hair receding. Since this type of hair system is used for scalps with existing hair, it has to be applied in a way that it blends naturally with the rest of the hair, and doesn't create a contrast that betrays its presence.

Is there a way to cope with hair receding other than wearing a frontal toupee?

Wearing a hairpiece is a measure of last resort for front hair receding. Usually, men take this decision when hair receding has gone too far, causing a large gap at the front hairline that looks unaesthetic. Still, if addressing hair thinning on time, the hair loss process can be slowed down and you even get the chance to regain your lost hair by having the hair growth restarted in the affected area.

Hair receding occurs due to follicles that are short of iron, causing them to be sensitive and fail to ensure hair growth. That is, a way to make the hair grow again is to supply the body with iron, by including iron-rich food in your diet. It is also recommended to use shampoos that contain minoxidil, which is a component that nourishes follicles, promoting hair growth.

Besides iron differences, hair receding can be caused by over styling. In this case, men are encouraged to give up on using harsh styling chemicals excessively, use plant-based shampoos, and dye their hair less frequently to prevent follicle damage.

What types of frontal toupee exist?

If you intend to buy a frontal piece, you should know that you have to choose between two types. In one, the direction of the hair is forward, and in the second, the direction of the hair is backward. So it is completely up to you which type to choose. The choice is not a hard one, as it does not deal with side effects, type of application, compatibility with the scalp chemistry and so on.

It is just about what you like most, what fits best your style and personality. If you prefer a fringe haircut, you have to choose forward hair direction, while if you feel that a slicked back hairstyle matches you better, you have to go in a backward direction. It is important to mention, though, that once you applied the piece, changing the hair direction is impossible during the wear.

Trying to change the position of the hair using a comb and applying pressure will lead to no results and it will damage the hairpiece. So if you are the one who likes to experiment often with the hairstyle, you are better off buying two different pieces and use them interchangeably.

How to apply a frontal toupee?

Applying a frontal piece involves some hassle, because the piece is added to an existing hair, and it is very important to apply it correctly so that it blends with the rest of the hair and looks natural. First of all, buy a hairpiece whose color is identical to the color of your hair to ensure that a contrast of colors does not occur, making your hairstyle look ugly.

Since the application requires much precision and skill, you are recommended to have a professional hairstylist apply it. If you don't have this opportunity, there are some steps you need to follow to get the best result. You should begin by taking a cotton swab, dripping it in alcohol, and apply it on your hairline to remove oil, sweat and dirt. Then, apply a layer of glue, spreading it eventually across the area where the lace will be applied. Let it dry, and when it gets tacky, apply another layer of glue to make sure that you get a firm bonding.

As it gets dry, apply the toupee, starting from one side and moving on towards the other side. As you lay the lace on the scalp, press it down with the comb or other solid tool. After that, you may use the blow dryer to make the glue harden faster.

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