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The Guide to Apply an Afro Twist Hairpiece

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Why do I need an afro twist hairpiece?

An afro twist hairpiece is a stylish and natural-looking addition to your hair that helps hide the thinning hair or hair loss issues. You can wear an afro twist toupee either if you suffer from hair fall or just to change your hairstyle. No matter are you completely bald or you have hair on your head, you will find it easy to apply the hairpiece, as there are many different ways you can ensure a strong bond.

What type of base should I choose?

Before you buy the hairpiece, you have to choose what base fits you best. The choice should be made depending on how often you intend to remove and reapply the hairpiece. That is, if you want the afro twist wig just for an experiment, for a party, or for any other occasion that doesn't happen every day, you have to purchase a lace base wig. Lace is made for short-term use because it works better with tapes, which provide a weaker hold and are easier to remove.

So if you wear the hairpiece at tonight's party and tomorrow you will remove it, a lace base will help you spend little time on removal, without requiring to rub the area using alcohol to scrub off the residues, as it often happens with glues. Glues are used with skin or silk base, and they involve more hassle at application and removal. However, glue-based wigs are not made to be removed daily. They are designed for extended wear, providing a long-lasting and stronghold that gets weaker only after several weeks.

So if you intend to wear the hairpiece permanently, you have to choose a glue bond that is proved to be more efficient with silk or skin bases. There are no side effects or other risks if you apply the lace with liquid adhesive. You can use glue with lace, without being afraid that you are doing something wrong. The point is that the bond provided by the glue will be weaker because of the holes in the lace that will allow the liquid to sneak through them and hide behind the lace. In this way, less glue will contact the scalp.

How to apply an afro twist toupee?

First of all, it should be mentioned that if you have already some hair on your head, you can use clips to attach the hairpiece. Clips are integrated parts of the wig that are stabbed into the existing hair, making the wig stay firmly in place. If, though, you have little hair, you can carry out the application using tapes or liquid adhesive.

In the case of adhesive, you have first to clean the base and scalp off oily and dirty residues that may weaken the bond. As you remove the dirt, you have to apply the glue on the scalp, leaving it to dry for about 20 seconds. Depending on the humidity level in the room, it can take longer for the glue to dry. Anyways, you have to check for the glue to get tacky. As it gets tacky, you have to apply the second layer of glue. Keep in mind that you have to spread the adhesive evenly to make sure that no gap remains on the scalp.

After another 20 seconds, you can attach the afro twist hairpiece on the head, pressing down it properly, and gluing all edges that remain loose.

When it comes to tapes, you have first to apply them around the edge of the base. Make sure the tapes are applied close to the edge of the lace to strengthen the hold and minimize the risk of sliding off and falling off. Before applying the tapes, don't forget to use alcohol to remove oil and dirt from your hands, otherwise, you can mess the adhesive surface of the tapes and make them less sticky.

Where to buy all I need for the hairpiece's application?

You can buy the hairpiece and the adhesives from Lavivid. This is a supplier of hair systems that offers a huge variety of wigs and maintenance products that help prolong the lifespan of your hair system. Take a look at this collection [], and find the afro twist hairpiece that fits your needs best.


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