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The Guide to Apply Mens Long Wig

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Who can wear a long wig?

A men's hair wig is designed for men who either went completely bald or who are not satisfied with their current hairstyle. Generally speaking, any wig has the role of replacing the lost hair, giving the impression that the person has hair on the scalp. Long hair systems are no exception. They are worn by men who are totally bald or who suffer from hair thinning, crown thinning, or baldness at the front of the hairline.

This wig can be applied with any type of hair fall. At the same time, if you have short hair but your hair is healthy, you can also wear a long wig. In spite of having healthy hair, many men choose long wigs just to try a new style. In this way, long wigs are designed not only for people affected by hair loss but also by people who want a new fancy hairstyle to go to a rock party or look like a true biker.

Does men's long wig look natural?

Generally speaking, it is hard nowadays to tell human hair from a wig, due to the advancements in the technology of production of hair systems that have reached serious progress in the likeness and imitation of real human hair. Like any other wig, a long wig looks similar to real hair, although sometimes it can look and feel identically to human hair. It happens if the fiber of the wig is made of human hair.

Yes, long hair systems are made of human hair, along with synthetic fiber. The ones made of human hair look just as natural as your real hairstyle. Moreover, you can style, condition and maintain the wig exactly how you do with your human hair. The only drawback is that it is more expensive than synthetic fiber.

As regards synthetic fiber, it is cheaper and is not versatile when it comes to styling and conditioning. You'll have to use special conditioners designed for synthetic hairs to achieve a proper moisturizing and detangling. Thanks to the appearance of synthetic fiber conditioners on the market, as well as to a more professional production of wigs nowadays, long wigs made of artificial fibers look natural and are hard to tell from human hair.

So you can rest assured that no matter what material your wig is made of, it will always have a shinning, natural and appealing look.

How to apply long hair system?

Depending on the type of the base, you have to follow a list of requirements in the application of the wig to ensure that it stays firmly in place. If the men's long wig has a silk or skin base, the best bonding material would be liquid adhesive. Since glue provides a long-lasting hold power, you can choose this type of base only if you intend to wear the hairpiece for a long period of time.

First of all, you have to use alcohol to remove oily spots and dirt from the base and scalp. This is made to ensure a firm adherence. As cleaning is over, you have to apply a layer of glue on the scalp and let it get tacky for 20 seconds. Then, go with the second layer, spreading the adhesive gently and evenly, making sure that no spot remains unglued. Wait another 20 seconds for the glue to dry. After that, you have to place the wig onto the scalp, pressing it well to provide a stronghold.

The second base available is lace, which is popular with people who want to wear the men's long wig only for a night, at a party or a gig. Lace is more compatible with liner tapes, which provide a short-term bond, and are easy to remove and apply.

The application is as easy as ABC, though you have to be attentive and precise. First, peel the backing off the tape and apply the tape on the lace, as closer to the base edge as possible to ensure that the wig doesn't fall off or slide off. Apply tapes all around the baseline edge. Then peel the second protective band off and fit the hair system onto your head. Don't forget to press down the wig to ensure a strong bond.

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