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The Guide to Attach and Wear Wiglets and Toppers Properly

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If you suffer from partial baldness or thinning hair, you probably heard about wiglets and toppers. While they resemble wigs to some extent, they are not the same thing, as they serve a different purpose and have a different size and way of attachment. A wiglet or a topper is a hair system that is used to cover a bald area or supplement the thinning hair, making it denser and providing an enhanced volume. While wigs are the most popular artificial hair systems, there is little information about how to wear and attach wiglets and toppers.

Who are wiglets and toppers designed for?

If you have partial hair loss or your hair is too rare, wearing a wig is not a good idea as it is only designed for a completely bald head. In this case, you have to find something in-between that is designed for a partial hair loss replacement. And here is where toppers and wiglets step in. They are smaller than wigs, targeting a certain bald area on the scalp or densifying the rare or thin hair so that it looks more appealing.

Generally, these hairpieces can be used by all men who have to deal with the above-mentioned issues. They are not difficult to attach and they do not cause any harm to the skin, allowing you to wear them an extended period of time, depending on what type of bonding you use.

Do these hairpieces make your hair look naturally?

To begin with, this category of hair system provides a seamless connection to the existing hair. A single exception is made up of adhesive tapes that can shine when exposed to light, betraying the presence of an additional hairpiece. Generally speaking, though, it is very hard to notice that the person wears a topper.

Now, if speaking of the topper's fibers, they can be made both of synthetic material and of human hair. There is no doubt that if you wear a human hair topper, your hairstyle will look absolutely natural. In the case of synthetic, there is little chance to spot the fake hairpiece, due to the advancements in wig production technology that makes the fiber almost identical to the human hair.

Which is best: synthetic fiber or human hair toppers?

Before choosing a topper, you have to select the material you want it to be made of. Each material has upsides and downsides. For example, the synthetic fiber costs less, it requires little maintenance, and it is less vulnerable to weather. On the other hand, human hair looks more natural, it can be dyed and styled to your taste. Still, you have to pay more money for it, and its maintenance implies more hassle.

How to attach a topper?

There are several ways to attach wiglets and toppers on your scalp. First comes the clips, which is a way of bonding specific for toppers. It involves pressure-sensitive clips that are stabbed into the existing hair. It should be noted that clips do not provide a secure hold, especially with extremely rare hair, which means that the topper risks to be blown off the head by the wind or detach when you run.

To avoid embarrassing situations that can occur when wearing a topper secured by clips, you are better off trying other bonding methods which include: tapes or adhesive. Both provide a stronger holding power than clips and are easy to apply. However, adhesives are going to last more and they are recommended for extended wear, requiring a reapplication after 4 weeks.

It is important to take also into consideration that liquid adhesives can be applied only on bald areas, otherwise, if you apply the glue directly on your hair, the latter will get rock-hard and you will find it hard to remove the glue residues.

Where to buy a high-quality topper?

If you have hair loss problems and want to buy a topper or a wiglet, you can do it on This is an online supplier of men's hair system replacement and maintenance that provides a large selection of hairpieces of any size, color and material, along with various accessories that help you take care and prolong the lifespan of your wig. Click here [] to choose the topper that suits you best. Browse our complete inventory and customized toupee catalog to find the hair replacement system that best meets your goals.


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