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The Guide to Attach Your Hair System Using A Red Liner Tape

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If you intend to start using a hair system, you should know that it attaches to your scalp in a variety of ways, from liquid adhesive to red liner tape. Choosing the adhesive material depends on what type of hair system you wear and on the time you wear it. If you use the wig occasionally, such as on work or when attending the fitness center, you are better off choosing the liner tape, which is designed for short-term wear. Glues are not a good idea for short-term uses, as they are made for extended wear and removing the glued hairpiece daily is a tedious task.

What hair systems suit red liner tape best?

slik toupee

This type of adhesive tape works great with the skin base and poly base. It is not recommended to use it with lace base because it will not adhere well, providing a weak holding power that increases the risk of the wig falling off when walking on the street in windy weather or just changes the position on your scalp making it look funny to other people embarrassing for you.

What are the advantages of liner tape?

If you still doubt whether or not to choose this type of adhesive method, here are some advantages that will convince you that it's really worth it. First of all, the tape is easy to attach, requiring just to remove the protective layer and place it on the hair base. The tape is flexible to allow you to use it with less effort, but at the same time, it has a high resilience which allows it not to break down during bending.

Also, the liner tape does not get messy during application as some liquid adhesives do. Glues provide a strong bonding power, but their application is messy, making you spend additional time on cleaning up the areas with excess adhesive. Moreover, the liquid adhesive attachment process takes longer. It requires applying multiple coats of glue. After each coating, you need to wait some time for the glue to dry, which makes the process longer-lasting. In the case of red liner tape, you just need to take out the protective band and apply it in seconds.

The tape removal does not leave any residue, which allows you to spend little time on clean-up. Once applied on the scalp, the tape becomes invisible, assuring you that the artificial hairpiece will have a natural look. And if you are the one that removes the hair system at the end of each day, this tape is your perfect choice, as it is designed for short-term wear, providing an easy removal without solvents, soaking, drying, rinsing and wringing out efforts.

What types of liner tape exist?

The liner tape usually comes in three basic shapes: contours, strips and boomerang. Each shape is designed for a certain area of the scalp to ensure that the tape is not visible and, what is most important, sticks well, lowering the risk of the wig coming off in the most inappropriate moment.

The liner tape comes also in different sizes to fit the requirements of the hair system and to be compatible with the toupees of all sizes. Whether it is a tiny toupee that fills a void above the forehead or a larger toupee covering half of the scalp, you can always find the tape size that fits you best.

When should I use red liner tape?

Generally, liner tapes are made for daily use. If you want to buy a hair system for extended wear, you should avoid liner tapes. Of course, they will provide a secure hold but the bonding power is going to last only up to 3 days. After that, the wig gets loose looking unnaturally and risking to fall off making you feel embarrassed.

Liner tape lasts no more than 3 days being a short-term adhesive. You can use it on special occasions when you have to look your best. Also, you can apply it to your wig every day at work. As you come home, you just need to pull the single-use tape from the hair system, which takes seconds. Being tired from work, you don't have to struggle to clean up the wig and removing residues.

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