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The Tips to Avoid These Mistakes During Men's Hairpiece Application

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A men's hairpiece application is generally considered an easy task. However, it also requires much accuracy and skill to make sure the wig stays level and looks naturally. In this article, we are going to reveal the most common mistakes beginners make when applying a hair system and explain how to avoid them. 

Mistake n.1 Installing the wig on liquid glue

When securing the wig with glue, timing is very important. You have to catch the perfect time to apply the wig when the adhesive is ready for it. Some newbies may want to finish the job fast and apply the wig on the liquid glue that hasn't managed to dry yet. This is a big mistake that can lead to embarrassing situations. The hairpiece may slide on the slippery scalp and adopt an unnatural position that looks rather funny than fashionable. When the glue dries too much, it is also not good, because it loses its adherence power which means that the wig will get secured poorly. That's why, you have to let the glue dry, but not much. It has to be tacky to provide the best adherence. 

Mistake n.2. Too much glue

Many beginners think that the more glue they use, the better for the wig adherence. The truth is that modern glues are made pretty strong to allow them to firmly secure the wig when applied in a thin layer on the scalp. You don't need to apply it in excess, as it will only create more work for you. How? When you press the wig on the thick layer of glue, the excess adhesive will blast out, staining your forehead and other areas beyond the hairline. You will have to spend time wiping the glue off to prevent it from drying and looking disgusting. 

Moreover, when you press the wig, a part of the glue will blast out while another part will absorb into the base of the hairpiece. When the adhesive dries out, the wig will be solid and lack flexibility. The hair strands may not be able to move as they should, which will make styling a problem. That's why you always have to use a thin coat of glue for the men's hairpiece application.

Mistake n.3 Applying tape on the dirty scalp

When you apply the wig tapes, you have to ensure that the scalp is free of impurities and oils. Else, the wig will not adhere properly. Unfortunately, many amateur wig wearers skip the cleaning and apply the hair system on the messy scalp, which is a big mistake during the men's hairpiece application that can end up in an embarrassing look due to the possibility of the toupee sliding off. To guarantee a powerful adherence, you have to treat the scalp with rubbing alcohol to remove oils, grime and product residue from the previous wear. Only then you can proceed with the tape application. In addition, if your scalp is sensitive, you may try some scalp protector which will protect you from itchy skin and irritation. 

Mistake n.4 Too many clips

If you use the pre-existing hair to apply the toupee with clips, you should avoid using more of them than needed. You have to use just as many clips as the amount of hair on your scalp allows. That is, if you have little hair, you shouldn't use many clips, because each clip needs a bunch of hair to be inserted into. And when that small amount of hair is shared by 5 or 6 clips, the adherence is poor. However, if the hair is shared only by 2 or 3 clips, each clip gets much more hair to insert into, hence, it gets secured better. 

Bottom line

While men's hairpiece application may seem easy, there are many things that can go wrong. If you install the wig yourself, you have to stick to the tutorials you find on the internet and avoid the most common mistakes that most inexperienced wig wearers make. To ensure the wig adheres well to the scalp, you have to apply the hair system on the tacky glue, avoid using much glue and clean the scalp before application. If you use clips, the number of clips you apply must correspond to the amount of hair that's left on your scalp.   


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