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The Guide to Bleach Knots on A Wig

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If you want to understand how to bleach knots on a wig then you get consultations from a hair expert? An expert knows the technique of bleaching hair knots in a well-defined way. There are several important steps associated with the process. Each step is mandatory for an excellent result. The importance of wig bleaching is known to its users who have got used to it. The topnotch merit of this task is that the hairline looks attractive and thereby the overall appearance is natural. The various types of hair toppers such as lace frontal, full lace wig, skin model, skin, and lace closure are bleached easily.

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What are the steps involved in bleaching a hairpiece?

The process of bleaching the head toppers involves many steps. The first step is pinning down the wig on a suitable platform so that the meaning process occurs in an excellent way. You can also use the clips on the unit so that it does not go out of your way and remains in the same position for a long time. Secondly, you have to take a bowl in which the ingredients are mixed together. The ingredients like bleach powder are put in calculated proportions inside the bowl. Then add the professional developer into the bowl adding to the bleach powder. Mix both the ingredients equally and should not be inappropriate. You would not achieve the desired results if not mixed properly.

Further steps of bleaching

The mixed solution is used for applying the hair unit that you have. Dab the mixture on the hairpiece on the knots of the unit. Never miss a single knot from applying the mixture solution which we called bleaching solution. If the process of bleaching is over, then the hair unit whichever the model is can be covered by using the aluminum foil. An exact skill of applying the solution to the unit is covering the knots completely so that it is not recognized by anyone. Then the unit that you have is rinsed till bleach is off. Never dry the hairpiece with the help of air drier because it might damage the product. It is fine to dry the product by using a wet cloth.

High care is necessary while the bleaching process is done on the desirable hair unit. The hair unit at any cost should not be exposed to higher temperatures. If it is exposed, the product gets damaged or collapsed completely. So, it is fine to keep the product at the optimum temperature. Good ventilation is a must to cope with the maintenance of the hair unit. The expert recommends the users use the 30 volume developers for the bleaching process so that the effect is obtained for the user.

Important tips for an effective bleaching

Bleaching the dark-colored head toppers does not give comfort to the customers since it is very difficult. Hence, light-colored knots give good results to the customer. Also, the density of the hair units is taken into consideration for bleaching the knot. A high-density piece does not yield good results as it requires much work of bleaching than other models. During the task of bleaching, the mixture volume can be sufficient enough and the excess solution pouring does not need. You have to continue doing the bleaching task until the knots are not recognized.

Stylish and trendy look

Mostly, the front portion of the hairpiece is bleached for an excellent look and natural appearance. The bleaching task gives a trendy and stylish appearance to the customer. The task of bleaching has to be carried out in a perfect way so that the hair looks like coming out of the scalp naturally.

Get the expert's help

If you are not qualified to bleach the hair systems as per taste, then you need to consult the expert or a professional help You have to go with the suggestions of the expert so that the result looks good and healthy. Go for hair wig made of unprocessed hair so that the work is done in a good way. If properly done, the appearance of hairline loos better and natural. You need to consider the pros and cons of bleaching the knots before executing them.


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