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The Guide to Bleach Knots So That Your Closure Looks Realistic

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If you have got a lace hairpiece, you definitely want to know how to bleach knots to make them invisible. Knot bleaching is a tedious process, but it is a must if you want to make your closure more natural looking. This article offers to you a step-by-step guideline on knot bleaching that will help you hide your wig wearing.

1. Prepare the ingredients

First and foremost, pour the ingredients into a mixing bowl. Besides the obvious ingredient, bleach, you will have to add a second one. A developer is a product that's mixed with bleach to activate it. When going to the store, be sure to grab some developers, otherwise the bleach will fail to do its work. The developer part in the mixture should be slightly less than the amount of bleach.

2. Mix the bleach and developer  

Once you've poured the two components, stir over and over until you get a thick consistency. The mixture has to be thick because a runny one would seep through the lace grid which will diminish the bleaching effect on the knots, and bleach the roots of the hair instead.   

3. Prepare the hairpiece for application

Lay the closure on an aluminum foil so that it is facing the lace side up. In case there are any baby hairs, get them out of the way using some clips.

4. Apply the bleach

Use a mixing brush to apply the bleach onto the lace. Spread it gently without pressing too much as it can make the substance penetrate the grid and reach the hair roots. Also, take your time to tend to each and every knot, otherwise you will end up with some colored knots that will contrast with the invisible knots, not in a very good way.

5. Cover the closure

Now that you are done with the bleach application, you have to cover the hairpiece with a piece of aluminum foil and leave it for the bleach to do its work.

6. Check every 5 minutes

To ensure that you don't leave the bleach for too long, check the closure every 5 minutes. If you try knot bleaching for the first time, you will probably get scared seeing the lace turned orange and rush washing the bleach off right away. Still, you don't have to do so, because it is a natural process and the orange color will soon disappear, making the knots invisible.

You are free to rinse the bleach out when the closure turns light blonde. Typically, the whole process takes 15-30 minutes, depending much on the type and color of the wig hair. If you wear a black wig, the bleaching will last longer, while a lighter color will be bleached faster.     

7. Remove the bleach

The bleach removal consists of two stages. First, you rinse it out using warm water. An important thing that is not taken into consideration by many people is that the bleach should be rinsed out with closure facing downwards. This will ensure that the bleach doesn't get on hair and lightens it as well.

Then, you do a deep cleansing, washing the wig with a neutralizing shampoo to get rid of the last bleach residues that will damage the lace and emit sharp smells if left on the closure overnight.

Things to remember:

1. Do not apply an excessive amount of bleach on the closure, as it may bleach the hair too.

2. Make the mixture of bleach and developer thick, as if it's runny it will seep through the lace grid

3. Make sure that each knot is coated in bleach to provide as realistic hairline as possible

4. Pin baby hairs with clips to protect them from bleach

5. Overlook the orange lace stage and leave the bleach on until it gets honey blonde

6. Wash the closure with neutralizing shampoo to eliminate the excess bleach

To conclude, knot bleaching is not an easy task as there are some tricks that can make the bleach fail, such as: oversaturating the lace with bleach, making the mixture too runny and leaving the closure orange. This is why you need to be patient and follow each step from the guideline strictly.

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