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The Guide to Choose A Custom Hair System Base

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Some hair system wearers prefer to go with ready-made and comparatively cheap stock hair systems while some prefer to purchase custom made hair toupees. Usually people who prefer custom hair systems are long time toupee wearers. They might havent found a perfect working hair system base with stock units or they want to modify the base or the hair a bit.

Especially when they choose the base, they want to know what is the best working or the most popular one. Today we are going to show you some hair system bases that salons always choose and proved to be either durable or nicely working with. 

Full Lace + Double Layer lace

For people who have an oily scalp or most of their working time is outside, they definitely need a breathable hair system. A full lace unit is a good option but usually a full lace unit doesnt last that long. A solution to this is to make double layer lace to make the base a bit more stronger and durable.

From the below picture, you can see the comparatively darker perimeter is the place where there is double layer lace.


Combined Lace with Poly

One thing people dont love a full lace base so much is that the cleaning work of removing glue from the base could be annoying and time-consuming.

So here we have combined base of lace and poly and you can apply tape or glue onto the poly areas. Removing glue residue from a poly base will be much easier than that of a lace base.


Combined Mono and Poly

If you are expecting the hair system to last at least 6 months, then you have to go with a mono and poly base. Monofilament is considered as the most durable material used for making men hair systems.

Mono is also a breathable mesh base but much more dense than lace material, thus it is stronger. From the below pictures, the material in the center of the bases is all monofilament material.

One drawback with the mono base is that it cannot be used in the front hairline because the knots on it will be very noticeable. Thats why poly is used in perimeter to create a more natural front hairline and create a comfortable feel. Also the poly used in perimeter makes the cleaning work much easier.

Combined Lace with Mono and Poly

Some people like a poly hairline while some prefer a lace hairline. Thats why we have this combination of mono, poly and lace base available.


These combinations combine all the advantages of mono, poly and lace. They are durable, easy to apply and clean, breathable and looks natural.

Among all these above base constructions, you can choose one based on your own needs and lifestyles. Any questions or don't know how to choose the base type, please feel free to contact us by and our experts will assist you to pick the most suitable hair system base.


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