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The Guide of Choosing And Applying A Black Male Wig

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How to choose a black male wig properly? If you look for a black male wig, you need to know that there are some aspects that differ from one wig to another. So you need to be careful when choosing the hair system. Don't rush to make your choice and pay attention to the following details:

1. Does the wig have a lace base or a skin base?

When buying a hair system, one of the first things you have to check is whether it has a lace base or a skin base. Generally, the two types of base are used interchangeably. Still, the lace base is recommended for short-term wear, while the skin or silk base is more suitable for extended wear. Lace is more compatible with tape binding, which doesn't provide a lasting hold power.

Tapes are able to hold the hairpiece firmly in place for a couple of days. After that, they lose the hold power and need to be replaced. Usually, tape bonding is used by people who perform the rite of wig applying and removing every day. The tapes are incredibly easy to remove, which cannot be said about the glue that requires much alcohol to get scrubbed off and loosen the bonding.

At the same time, the extended bond that the liquid adhesive provides is ideal for people who want to wear the wig all week or month without removing it. Liquid adhesives are not quite compatible with the lace base, given the lace's holes that let the glue sneak through and weaken the bond. Still, some people use glue with lace, because they hold it provides is still powerful. In general, glue works better with skin base. This is why a skin base is recommended for extended wear.

2. Does the wig have a synthetic or a human hair fiber?

Another aspect to pay attention to is whether the hair system is made of synthetic fiber or human hair. If comparing the two, both have upsides and downsides, so it is only up to you which one to choose. If speaking of synthetic fiber, it is the best option for those that want to buy a black male wig on a budget. Another advantage is that it is easy to maintain. At the same time, synthetic fiber is more sensitive to excess heat, sunlight and harsh chemicals, and it is hard to style.

When it comes to human hair fiber, it looks more natural, it is more durable and it gives you the chance to style it. As regards price, it is more expensive than synthetic fiber.

How to apply a black male hair system using glue?

If you want to wear the wig for some weeks without removing it, you have to apply it using glue. First of all, use alcohol to remove sticky spots, oil, and dirt from your scalp and base, ensuring that the glue adheres firmly. Then, apply a layer of liquid adhesive and spread it gently across the scalp. Let it dry for 20 seconds, and when it becomes tacky, apply the second layer, leaving it also dry for 20 seconds.

It's worth mentioning that if the humidity in the room is high, you may need to let the glue dry a bit longer. As the second layer gets tacky, you can apply the wig onto the scalp, pressing down to make the glue stick well.

How to apply a black male hairpiece using tapes?

In the case of tapes, you also have to treat the wig base with alcohol to remove any dirt. Peel the protective band off the tape and apply it onto the base while pressing well. Apply tapes all around the base edge line. The closer to the edge the tapes are, the more securely they will keep the wig in place. Remove the second backing and fit the black male wig onto the head, pressing down with something solid to make the bond stronger.

Where to buy a durable and stylish black male hair system?

If you want your hair system to last longer and be naturally-looking, you have to choose a reliable store that will live up to your expectations. One of these stores is Lavivid, an online supplier of hair system replacement and maintenance services, whose quality is second to none. Check out this collection of hair systems to choose the black wig that suits you best.


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