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Tips on How to Choose Hair Loss Treatment Dublin

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Hair loss treatment Dublin is becoming popular with the gradual increase of people with hair loss, more and more people begin to wear wigs. But for the first time to wear wigs, due to the lack of experience, so it is likely to buy a wig unsatisfactory. 

So, for the first time to wear wigs for beginners, often make what mistakes? Today I will list them to help you avoid these minefields. Some people think that the thicker the hair, the better when they buy wigs because of the scarcity of hair. This will make your experience worse. 

Because hair loss is a gradual process, so you have adapted to the feeling of sparse hair, when you suddenly put on a very thick wig, it will feel very uncomfortable, and thus unacceptable. So the first time you wear wigs, you'd better choose the ones with lower density. When you buy them later, the density can be increased appropriately to give your scalp a process of adaptation. 

Everyone's hair color is different, so when you try hair loss treatment Dublin, you must choose the same color as your own. If you are not sure about your hair color, you can cut off your hair and customize it a little bit. The wig made in this way is closer to your natural hair color and more realistic to wear. 

Must be based on their own needs, combined with their face, skin color to choose the right wig cover or wig film, false bangs, and so on. This step is related to whether the wig looks good after it is finally put on. Just like going to a barbershop for a haircut, length, color, and face shape are very important options.

Finally, there are differences in the material and technology of wigs. Of course, human hair is better in the material. It not only has high fidelity, but also can be dyed and permed twice, but the price is also a little more expensive; There is also a kind of chemical fiber hair. Compared with human hair, this kind of material has a big gap in fidelity and service life, but the price is cheaper. 

Wig technology can be roughly divided into three kinds: hand-woven, semi handwoven, and woven. All handwoven is all hand crocheted, light and breathable, visually more realistic. Semi-hand knitted wigs are partly hand-made and partly machine-made. Compared with hand-made wigs, this kind of wig has less excellent air permeability. 

However, hair loss treatment Dublin made entirely by machines is not as lifelike and breathable as those made entirely by hand or semi-hand. The life of raw materials is closely related to the use frequency and nursing methods. To better care for your favorite wig, please read the following carefully.

Product wear:

1. Wear the product according to the correct way. Do not wear the wig when ing.

2. The rain is corrosive and should not be worn in the rain. In case of accidental rain, it should be sent to the after-sales service center as soon as possible. 


1. When carding, hair loss treatment Dublin should be combed smoothly from the end of the product.

2. Do not use hairdressing tools to shape the product.

3. no perfume, finalization, wax, and other products can be sprayed. 

4. To deal with the entanglement and knot of the hair, first, use the pointed tail comb to open the hair, and then use the special steel comb for the wig to comb the hairtail smoothly, to avoid breaking the hair due to strong pulling. When using conditioner to soak the hair, combing the tail of the hair is easier to untie the tangled part. 

Daily storage:

Professional tools such as bracket, lining paper, silk hair net, and cotton portable bag should be used for the daily storage and carrying of the hair loss treatment Dublin. Rough and sharp objects should not be touched, squeezed, or mixed with other articles directly. 

Product care:

1. A small amount of channeled hair does not affect the wearing effect, and it is not allowed to cut the channeled hair.

2. It is suggested that the products should be handed over to the wig professional after-sales service center for comprehensive maintenance every 1-2 months.


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