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The Guide to Choose the Best African American Male Wigs

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Why do I need a wig?

Nowadays, the developed wig industry provides a large choice of hairpieces, from: curly and slicked-back to comb over and African American male wigs. But why do you need a wig? Well, wigs are generally a common accessory worn by women, who suffer from hair thinning or massive hair loss. While it is most typical of women, many men start using wigs these days. This helps them fight baldness and look more attractive.

The main reason men use this hair system is their complete baldness, which is a condition where the person loses all scalp hair. Fortunately, you cannot go completely bald in a few days. This is a long-lasting process, during which you have the chance to stop the hair fall and make the hair grow again.

How can I prevent and treat hair loss?

If wearing a wig is not what you want, you have to take serious measures as soon as you see that your hair starts falling out. One way to put an end to hair loss and hair thinning is to eat much iron-rich food. Iron is the compound found in the follicles that make them strong and able to grow new hair. In case of a shortage of iron in the body, the follicles get sensitive and fail to facilitate the hair growth and keep the hair fibers firmly in place.

Another way you can treat hair loss is by using hair care products that contain minoxidil. This compound stimulates and nourishes follicles, triggering hair regrowth. If hair fall is caused by over-styling, the best way to regain your hair is by ceasing using lots of styling products that contain harsh chemicals that torture the scalp and follicles if used daily and in large quantities. Also, you have to avoid washing the hair with hot water, which irritates the scalp skin and makes the hair fibers easier to pull off.

Tips for choosing the most suitable African American male wigs

If you get bald completely, there is still a way to hide the lack of hair. Unfortunately, making the hair grow again in a natural way is almost impossible, as the treatment must begin in the first stages of the hair fall. If you become completely bald, the most effective way to cope with your baldness is by wearing a wig.

If you are interested in African American male wigs, you should know that there are some aspects you have to pay attention to before buying the hair system to ensure that the product you get suits your needs.

1. Lace or skin

Depending on how long you intend to wear the wig, you can choose between lace base and skin base. Lace base is more suitable for short-term wear because it is applied using liner tapes that offer a short-term hold power. Lace is not compatible with liquid adhesives. So, if you want to buy a wig that you will remove daily, you are better off going with a lace hair system that has a tape boding. In this way, you will not have to waste your time every day on removing the glue from the wig and scalp.

On the other hand, if you intend to wear the wig permanently, you are recommended to choose a silk or skin base which are based on glue bonding. The glue provides a lasting and strong bond that helps the wig stay in place for up to one month. Still, if you live or work in an environment affected by pollution, or if you have an oily scalp, you have to reapply the adhesive more often.

2. Synthetic fiber or human hair

African American male wigs can be made either of synthetic fiber or human hair. It's up to you which one to choose, but you have to pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages each material offers. First of all, if you want to buy a hairpiece on a budget, you have to go with synthetic fiber, since it is cheaper. However, it looks less natural and is sensitive to excess heat and sunlight.

Human hair is more expensive, but you get instead a natural look, durability, and the possibility to style the hair the way you want. Choose Lavivid to buy your Afro wig, as well as high-quality maintenance products to take care of your hairpiece and increase its longevity.


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