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The Introduce and Use Guide to Wig Conditioner

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What Is A Wig Conditioner and Why Is It So Important for Your Hair System?

If you have a synthetic hair system, you must have definitely heard of wig conditioner. While many confuse it with human hair conditioner, they are still two different things. If you find it hard to understand what is it and why using it, you should read on the following guide which will explain why this product is so important for the well-being and beautiful appearance of your synthetic hair.

What Is A Hair System Conditioner?

Wig Conditioner

To begin with, you should know that a synthetic hairstyle requires as much care as natural human hair does. What appears to be some plastic fibers, at first sight, needs in fact a thorough care to prevent dryness, tangling and discoloring. And here is where the wig conditioner steps in. This agent comes to deal with all issues that may appear while wearing an artificial hair system. It has a role in moisturizing the hair, untangling the hair to allow you to comb it without difficulty, as well as making it silky and shiny for a more pleasant and natural appearance.

This accessory is crucial in maintaining the wig naturally-looking and eliminates the need of replacing it with a new one after a short period of wearing. Moreover, there is no need to worry about any skin health issues that the chemicals found in the conditioner may cause. The components are safe if not misusing them by applying the conditioner on the hair every day.

Why Is It Forbidden to Apply Human Hair Conditioner On Your Wig?

If you decide to save some money and treat your wig with a natural hair conditioner, you are in the wrong way. The human hair conditioner has a composition that is not compatible with the plastic fibers of the synthetic wig. While being made to interact only with natural hair fibers, it has no effect on the synthetic fibers. This is why, if you want your artificial hairpiece look shiny and silky and escape dryness, you have to choose a specialized wig conditioner.

If you want the best looking hairstyle, you can choose the Leave-In Conditioner by Lavividhair. The company offers services for maintaining artificial hair systems which range from hair replacement, scalp cleaning and protection and a variety of accessories to ensure that your wig serves you long and looks like new after months and years of wearing. Leave-In Conditioner was made to moisturize the fibers, add volume, defrizz and untangle the hair making it easy for you to comb. You can check out the product and other accessories here.

What Is the Composition of A Hair System Conditioner?

Generally, this kind of conditioner contains a combination of natural plant extracts and synthesized substances. It is important to mention that the solution is not harmful to the skin unless it is misused. Here are some components found in such a conditioner and their benefits:

- Coconut oil has a role in protecting the wig from damage, making it resistant to heat which causes stiffness and discolors the hair. Coconut oil moisturizes the fibers making them soft and gleaming.

- Silk protein is capable of softening the hair fibers so that they don't look rigid

- Glycerin's main functions are to moisturize and untangle the hair, preventing at the same time frequent tangling and knotting

- Ginseng extract adds volume to the wig making the fibers thicker and more natural-looking

- Cetyl alcohol soothes the fibers removing dryness and offering a fresh and shiny appearance. Its soothing properties help also untangle the hair

How to Apply and How Often to Use A Wig Conditioner?

Generally, the conditioner is applied after washing the wig. You should wash your wig after approximately 15 wears. Use a specialized shampoo and rub back and forth using gentle motions to prevent the fibers from tangling. After that, lay back carefully the hair system on a plain surface and condition it. Apply 3-4 spray pumps of the Living-In conditioner and let it dry. Keep in mind that it is not recommended to rinse the wig manually as it can tangle. Place it on a secure stand and let it dry naturally maintaining the silkiness and shiny look.


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