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The Guide to Choose the Comb-over Wig that Suits Your Needs

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Why do I need a comb-over wig?

One of the most popular wigs among men nowadays is a comb-over wig. There is nothing special in the structure of this wig that makes it so popular. It is just the fact that comb-over is considered a stylish hairstyle that makes men look hot and elegant. The need to wear a comb-over wig or any other wig comes with your complete baldness.

A wig is a hair system that covers the entire scalp, trying to hide the total baldness. Wearing it is not necessary for men, as being bald is a common occurrence among men and it doesn't make you look as embarrassing as in the case of women. However, some men can't accept the fact they have lost their hair, and choose to cover the bald scalp with a hair system that would make them feel comfortable.

Can I prevent somehow complete baldness?

Going bald completely in one day or one week is impossible. Complete baldness is considered a sort of a termination stage in a long-lasting process of hair loss that begins with the fall of one or two hair fibers a day. Luckily, the process is not irreversible, and you can take measures to treat the condition at the initial stages.

Generally, hair loss is caused by poor nourishment of follicles, excess use of medications, scalp infections and over-styling. Depending on what causes the hair fall, you can stop it by using essential oils, including iron-rich food in your diet, using shampoos containing minoxidil, and avoiding using styling products based on harsh chemicals, as well as avoiding washing your hair with hot water.

If you address the first hair thinning signs on time, you are very likely not to reach the termination stage of hair loss.

Who can wear a comb-over hair system?

Comb over wig can be worn by any man who suffers from baldness. While straight or curly wigs are considered more casual hairstyles, comb over is the choice of those who want to look more stylish and solid. It is suitable for formal occasions, such as weddings and office work.

Should I choose a skin base or a lace base?

If you intend to wear the wig permanently, you have to choose a skin base wig. Basically, both skin and lace are compatible with extended wear. However, the skin is applied using liquid adhesive, which is considered better at providing a long-lasting hold than tapes, which are used in the application of lace base. While providing a shorter-term hold, tapes are easier to apply and remove, and they don't leave residues that require additional time and effort to be washed off.

If you want to be able to remove the wig daily, you are better off choosing a lace base. As long as tapes are hassle-free and mess-free, you will spend little time every day on removing the wig. In the case of liquid adhesives, they need reapplication after several weeks of use, and the wig removal is tedious. Sometimes, glue residues may remain on the base, which requires washing the hairpiece with soap and using a powerful solvent to get rid of the debris.

Human hair vs synthetic fiber

When buying a comb-over hairpiece, you need also to take a look at the material the wig hair is made of. You may be given to choose between human hair fiber and synthetic fiber. Human hair has some advantages, such as flexible styling, natural look, and resistance to heat and sunlight. At the same time, it is more expensive and it is more difficult to take care of.

Among the advantages of synthetic fiber are easy maintenance and cheap price. Unfortunately, synthetic fiber is more vulnerable to heat and excess sunlight, which make it affected by wear and tear significantly faster.

Where to buy a high-quality comb-over hairpiece?

If you look for quality baldness solutions, you can choose for buying your hairpiece where you will get also access to a myriad of maintenance products to help you take care of your wig properly. Check out this collection [] of hair systems to get a comb-over hairpiece that suits you best. If you are not satisfied with the color, you can choose the custom design option, where the color and other aspects will be adjusted to your needs.


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