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The Guide to Choose the Cool Hair Colors for Guys

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The cool hair colors for guys that are beginning to attract most of the men who are daring to change their look are the hair dyes that we will show you throughout this article.

Keep reading to find out what we will reveal along with the innovations of hair colors for men, such as the haircut styles with which they combine so that you finish encouraging yourself to change your look ... let's see:

What Are The Cool Hair Colors for Guys?

Oxygenated Blonde Tint

Although this hair color is not exclusive to them, it looks best on men with light or dark complexions.

It is a color that ages very well and is even better appreciated when the natural root begins to grow. If you have a lot of hair, this color looks great with a Chongo Samurai bun.

Just keep in mind that the application process takes time. The other thing is that to keep your hair color vibrant, and it is recommended that you use a toning shampoo.

Color Silver Gray

This color suits men who proudly display their gray hair; although it is not exclusive to a particular cut, it makes men who wear an avant-garde haircut like the moican cut of the moment more attractive; this color hair is perfect.

If your hair is in the 'gray transition' stage and you like it that way, don't go for this hair color. But if you want the pompadour, let yourself go and go for this hair color that is dramatic and will make you look imposing.

Be sure to use a moisturizing paste to define and add texture to your favorite hairstyle.

Natural Black Hue

Not only silver hair is in fashion, dark hair too.

You can show off the classic natural black by applying pure pigment to your hair.

The pure dye is also excellent for men with long hair, as it is also rich in protein and gives life and shine to the strands. It also looks perfect on men with short-medium hair.

Copper Dye

This hair color is recommended for men with tan or caramel skin, hair curly, wavy, or mushroom.

If your natural hair coloring is light brown, you can give it a modern twist by applying a copper dye.

Our intention is not to deceive you, but the range of red tones in men tends to disappear quickly, so we suggest you choose a hotter tone like bronze and warm like ginger.

You will surely wear a final look with modern and irresistible color.

Golden Caramel Hue

This shade is a trend in men who like to show off their hair in a dark natural color, with a modern touch and lots of light.

Brushstrokes, highlights, or ends dyed with a variety of golden caramel tones highlight the dark complexion and illuminate many men's faces.

Do you want to enjoy the benefits of 'bronde' dye? Do you want more natural light in your hair? Yes? Then this is the hair color you need.

It is also the perfect dye shade to make the color transition for those men with dark hair color and want to change to lighter tones.

If it is your first dye, this is the hair color recommended by the very simple application process. You can also add some natural shine and texture to your hair by applying a pomade that will highlight your new color.

Neon Pink Hue

This is an alternative shade of bleached hair dyes, especially for those who want a rocker look.

It is one of the most striking varieties of colors during fashion events or catwalks and entertainment. Not all boys are capable of wearing this color, but those who dare generate a unique and indisputable impact.

If you consider yourself an alternative, rebellious, and rocker young man, this dye is the ideal and identifies you.

Intense Shine

Of all the hair colors for guys, this is the one to make up your mind and update your look with something modern, more natural with the benefit of adding a layer of shine.

In contrast to dyes, the shine is free of ammonia and color; it also highlights your hair's natural tone.

In honor of its name, the shine will make your hair shine with its own light; it does not leave hair dry or sticky.

You decide which of these cool hair colors for guys you are willing to try!


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