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Tips and Tricks about Choosing the Suitable Lace Front Hair System Tape

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A lace front hair system tape is a human hair wig tied to a lace base. The lace front and the full lace wigs are the latest innovation in non-surgical hair replacement systems. The hair is tied to the bow and has the illusion that it is growing out of the scalp. Lace and lace wigs have been worn by celebrities for years, but have recently become known to the public. When fitting your full lace or lace wig, it is very important to choose the right density to get the most natural look possible.

I have been using hair systems for about 10 years and was a customer of a large hair replacement company. I was so tired of paying overpriced maintenance costs, not to mention buying replacement systems, that I decided to find an alternative solution.

I decided to keep my systems, which was hard for me at first, but with tenacity and a lot of trial and error, I developed some simple tips that I would like to share to help others. Users to escape the claws of expensive hair clubs.

Tip 1

lace release

The most complicated part of maintaining your system is cleaning. Many companies are trying to sell solvents to remove glue residue from the base of their hair system. The best way to remove residue is to use regular cotton. Once the patch is removed from your head, simply roll the cotton onto the base of the patch with your thumb and forefinger. Start at the edges and work inside so as not to damage sensitive hair around the circumference of the capillary system.

The cotton sticks to the residue and leaves the bottom of the loop as you wrap it. Be firm but not hard, don't hurry and roll the residue slowly. Do this before washing the capillary system, as this works best when the system is dry. This entire process also significantly reduces hair loss in the system, making the device last longer.

Tip 2

I would like to share with you concerns how you can extend the life of your sensitive forehead (hairline) and avoid the accumulation of dirt/fat that leads to the loss of this sensitive hair before the hairline. Once the front of the loop is in place, and you are using tape or secure tape, a line of dirt will accumulate on the edge of the loop. To prevent this dirt from building up and preserving your natural income, it is best to incorporate and use a daily maintenance routine in your system.

There are 4 main basic materials for creating lace front hair system tape. Everyone has their advantages and disadvantages, and it depends on the user and their lifestyle, which is the perfect choice for them.

1. Capillary systems for the skin:

Sometimes referred to as second skin membranes. The base consists of a thin gas-permeable membrane. Sustainability is not a strength. But you will look great. Each strand of hair is injected by hand into a polyethylene skin and rolled up and then fixed with a silicone layer. This process locks the hair and gives the impression that it comes from the scalp. Do you need more realism? You can choose from several colors that match your skin tone. This foundation looks great with light to medium hair density. Perfect for liquid or tape adhesives.

2. Complete lace hair systems:

Sometimes referred to as French lace/silk hair replacement systems.

The tip used in these systems is extremely difficult to see when placed on the skin. The hair is (loosely) tied to the bow and appears to grow directly from the scalp.

You'll get high-definition hairline and bleached knots, not to mention invisible hand-stitched cross-stitch sections for added durability.

The best Hollywood lace on the market, invisible folds, bleached knots, and a fine line of transition density offer incredible realism in all lighting conditions.

There is only one weakness for me, and that is the additional maintenance as this income is more difficult to clean and easier to damage. However, it is my favorite choice. (This is the base that I put on). Perfect for liquid or tape adhesives.

3. Frontal hair system:

These bases are the best option for customers who want a natural hairline and a little more durability. If you are rude to your hair but want a natural hairline, this is the foundation for you.

The lace front hair system tape can be used to get natural hair lace, and more durable material can be used for the rest of the hair system. Therefore, these hair systems are a mix of leather, lace, and conventional materials. The main advantage of this base is that it contains a thin layer of polyethylene on the back and sides. This increases resistance and makes cleaning easier. (Slightly more durable than a full lace bottom.) The strands of hair are simple knots (with spot fading) with a high definition cable line at the front.

Ideal for lace front hair system tape.

4. Conventional capillary systems:

These hair replacement products are made with an ultra-thin nylon core with P.U. Coated or P.U. C-Thru field and high durability. The hair is injected against the skin to get one of the most beautiful hairless ends. A 1-inch polyethylene strip on the back and sides makes cleaning difficult and easy.

They have a nylon center for greater comfort.

They are fine but not as natural or comfortable as leather and lace bases. If you are not uniform with your hair and use it with an advanced style, these hair systems are good and very durable. Usually, it takes a year—ideal for liquid or film stickers.

The storage units are pre-made so that you can try the unit in your local wig store. However, each unit is different from the others, taking into account hair length, color, density, construction of the cap, and color of the bow. Therefore, it can interest different types of people. For example, most African Americans prefer yaki because it mimics their hair texture, and Caucasians tend to have straight, silky textures because it looks like theirs.

lace hair touee

If you want to buy lace front hair system tape online, read the full item description carefully, and focus on the goal you not only need. Also, contact for a clear understanding of the terms and conditions and the quality of customer service.


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