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The Guide to Clean Scalp

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If you don't know how to clean scalp so that all your buildup and oil goes away, you might be interested in the following list that includes ways you can do it. Luckily, you can clean your scalp using both haircare products and alternative items found in your kitchen. We offer to you methods from both categories that are proven to be the most efficient and least risky for your skin and hair. 

1. Commercial products

Clarifying shampoo

Clarifying shampoo is made to fight buildup from hair products, such as: hair sprays, styling gels and conditioners. If leaving it on your scalp, it will clog the follicles impeding hair growth and causing dandruff and infection. This is why, you are better off washing your scalp with clarifying shampoo once a month. If you are an avid user of styling products, you can use this shampoo more often.

Scalp cleansing products

Do a deep cleanse of your scalp using either an exfoliating scrub or a cleansing foam. They have a role in removing dead skin cells as well as residues and oil that impede skin from breathing and cause infection. Both products are applied on the scalp and massaged gently into the skin for 30 seconds to 1 minute. After that, you need to rinse off using warm water. 

Leave-in conditioner

After cleansing, your hair is deprived of moisture and other useful elements. A quick fix for it would be a leave-in conditioner that will moisturize the hair. Keep in mind that the conditioner must be applied only on hair tips, as once applied on hair lenght or roots, it makes the hair limp.

2. Home remedies

White vinegar

Vinegar is a great scalp cleanser. You should use it after washing your hair. As you finished rinsing out the shampoo, you can apply the vinegar on your scalp. To reduce its acidity, you must mix vinegar with water. Combine 2 parts of water and one part of vinegar to perform an efficient cleanse while keeping the scalp in safety. After you have poured the mixture onto the scalp, leave it 5 minutes and then rinse it out using warm water.

Apple cider vinegar

A combination of apple cider and vinegar provides also a great cleanse of your scalp, neutralizing bacteria and removing residues. To make the apple cider vinegar less risky, dissolve it in water. Take 1/4 cup of vinegar and add it to a cup of water. Then spread the solution onto your scalp using gentle circular motions. Let it stay 5 minutes, then rinse out with warm water.  

Salt scrub

Aside from being added to food, sea salt is a wonderful skin scrubber that exfoliates dead skin cells and keeps the scalp healthy. Combined with olive oil and lemon juice, the scrub proves great at removing stubborn buildup and killing dandruff. You will need one tablespoon of lemon juice, two tablespoons of sea salt and another two of olive oil to prepare the scrubbing agent. In spite of its amazing results, the scrub is not recommended for people with sensitive scalp.

Castile soap baking soda mixture    

If you struggle with stubborn buildup that refuses to come out, you can try something stronger. A mixture of castile soap and baking soda will leave no chance to any residue. Castile soap is based on olive oil and it is extremely potent at removing buildup and excess sebum from the scalp. While being strong, the soap is gentle with skin if used in proper amounts.

To prepare the mixture, add one tablespoon of baking soda to the castile soap and mix well. Then massage the received agent into the scalp ensuring that all buildup-affected areas are addressed. Let it sit 5 minutes, then rinse with warm water.  

All in all, there are a myriad of ways you can clean your scalp. You can try commercial products, such as: clarifying shampoo that deals with product buildup, scrubs and foams for deep scalp cleanse and leave-in conditioners for replacing the lost moisture after cleansing. You can choose home remedies as well. The most efficient ones include: white vinegar and apple cider vinegar that cope excellently with residue and dirt, salt scrub that fights off buildup, dandruff and flakes, and a mixture of castile soap and baking soda that deals with heavy buildup at ease. 

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