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Tips for Correctly Using Glue on Men’s Hairpiece

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You stand a better chance to enjoy the benefits of using glue on men’s hairpieces if you understand how it all works. The first thing you need to know is that there are two distinct modes of attaching the hairpiece using glue. You may use a water-based adhesive or acrylic silicon adhesive. In this guide, we will show you how to use glue on a man’s hairpiece.

Getting started with the scalp

For you to get the job done, you need certain items. These items include the liquid adhesive, scalp protector, application brush, hair clip, and eyebrow pencil.

To use the scalp preparation, begin by preparing and cleaning the scalp before you connect your hair system. When this gets done, use the below instructions to be sure that your hair system gets well attached.

· First step

The first thing you need to do is to remove all traces of hair system adhesive remaining on the perimeter of the head using a wet cloth. To get the best results, you may use a reasonable amount of lace release on the scalp and then clean it off completely using a towel. Doing this will ensure that the soap emulsifies the adhesive remover.

· Wash

The next thing to do will be to wash the whole perimeter at least two times. Proceed to scrub the perimeter area using soap. Rinse and repeat this a few more times. Doing this will ensure that any remnant glue on the men's hairpiece gets removed.

· Get it dried

When you get done washing, ensure that you dry the perimeter area and if possible, also dry the scalp and hair using a towel to remove excess moisture. At this point, you may shave any hair or stubble that exists in the bonding area as this would mean less wear time if the system gets bonded on natural baby hairs.

· Get it cleaned

At this point, clean the bonding region using an alcoholic cleanser as well as cotton wool. To get the best outcome, ensure to do this 3 times till it becomes clean.

Guide to attaching acrylic adhesive

After finishing the scalp preparation, you should proceed to get the hair system attached using glue on the men's hairpiece.

The first thing you should do is to apply two thin coats of adhesive straight to the hairline area of the scalp thus allowing 5 minutes between either coat. Ensure to brush the adhesive to the dots without covering the dots. When you are using liquid glue, ensure to only use even, thin coats and always remember to paint in either direction.

Make sure the adhesive dries up. Also, ensure that the solvents evaporate to ensure a secure hold. If you need more adhesive, you should use many thin coats. To get the best results, when you are connecting the polyurethane system, ensure to use a corresponding coat on the top of the scalp. Note that it is important that the glue is very dry before you use it on the hair system. Do not use the liquid bond on the lacing system.

Ensure to wipe off the dots from your forehead. Once the men's hairpiece glue gets dried, start to apply the scalp protector.

What you should know about liquid glue

Whether you are using water-based adhesives or solvent, one thing you will notice is that the adhesive has to be very dry before you connect the unit. It is a fact that the more glue you use, the longer the glue will stay. One thing you must never forget is that when you are applying liquid adhesives to your hair system, use different thin layers instead of some thick layers.

Using a thin coat layer of liquid adhesive always makes it easier to dry but it doesn't allow the adhesive to find its way into the hair after attaching the unit. Doing this will ensure that when you apply glue on men’s hairpieces, it is effective.


All factors outlined in this guide to using men’s hairpiece glue must get considered if one must get the best results. Note that water-based glue on men’s hairpiece turns white when applied but becomes clear once it is dry. This makes it easier to tell than when using solvent-based adhesives.


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