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Achieve the Best Men's Haircut with LaVivid Hair System

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Today I'm going to be doing another makeover on this mannequin head using lavivid Eros hair system. This time I will do a very popular hairstyle for men that most men can work with. This video is in partnership with lavivid hair. They are great and I'm really excited to be working with them.

men's haircut

We're going to be getting rid of all this hair on this mannequin head and I'm going to be creating kind of a cool shorter textured type of haircut. A haircut I think is great for anytime any season.

lavivid toupee

A little bit of information about this particular piece. So this is the one I really suggest if you're looking for the most natural look. This is the Eros hair system and it is 0.02mm ultra thin skin and it's an eight by ten inch size. So it comes a much larger than the perimeter of the balding area. So I firstly create a template for the mannequin head and cut the base to create a right size.

Then before applying the hair system, I use no sweat spray and scalp protector. Then I apply ghost bond glue onto the mannequin head. I like the stronghold just because I like stronger hold.

For the ghost bond, I'm actually going to squeeze it. You want to shake it up first and squeeze it into a bowl. I will use the rubber block brush and we're going to apply it all around the entire top of the head.  You can do two to three layers, maybe even four layers to make sure that the unit is going to stick very well to the scalp.

After the glue is applied, you need to let it dry until it looks like it's clear that you don't see any of the white and that could take ten minutes or so five to ten minutes. You could use a blow dryer to help speed it up.

Then we can apply the hair system onto the scalp. I'm going to start from the back. I've had much success with starting in the back but you can start wherever you  want. I'm gonna line this up right down in here and you can actually even roll it down. I've seen a lot of guys rolling down but also you need to make sure that you are stretching the unit out. That's really key is that you're stretching the unit out all the way to the very front. I'm going to just once again press down in through the hairline area making sure it is nice and secure down.

 Through here you can see it is very natural and this is why I love this brand and this unit. This is super thin skin. It looks incredible it looks very natural let's get up nice and close here as you can see which looks very natural and this is human hair.

Now we're ready for the haircut. What I'm going to do is to do a nice taper. I'm gonna fade this up probably starting from like a one guard worked up into a three. I'm gonna cut all this by hand and actually work this in and you'll see how nicely this all blends in together.

men's best haircut

Here is the finished result. So I started with a number one and then went to a two and then a two and a half. I just raised the lever and then went back in use a one and a half and did a lot of this by hand working it in through this shape in through here. If you take my approach which is treating it like it's human hair and that's why I think he came out so well because I literally cut this thing the same way I would on anyone's hair. I went in with the thinning shears. I added some texture to it and gave it a lot of a natural shape that I possibly could. It looks extremely realistic.

The key to a lot of hair systems is that if you're cutting the hairline yourself, you don't want to make it perfect. You want to have some inconsistencies. You may want to have the corners go back a little bit and have the hairline a little jagged. So it looks more natural. When you're getting a cut, make sure that you are having texture edit to it. That's when I went back in with my thinning shears. I was able to achieve the texture through this and this is the exact same way how I would cut a human's hair. It's just kind of twisted and chopped into it to remove some of the excess weight and then I make sure it was fully blow-dried.  After learning this course, do you want to have a try with your own hair system?

Contact us to get a hair style match and find your perfect LaVivid hair system. Connect with us through and our experts will be happy to help you out.


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