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Advice on Cutting Mens Hair System Fringe

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Styling the mens hair system fringe is a great way to add appeal and elegance to your wig. While many men don't care much about their front hair, giving it a touch-up may radically change the way they look and how people perceive them. Here is a handy guideline on how to cut the toupee bangs properly and make your hair neat and stylish. 

1. Use a mannequin head (optional)

Unlike men with their own hair, wig wearers have two options of performing the fringe cut. They can either keep the toupee on the head, and work in front of the mirror, or remove it and display it on a mannequin head and work as a hairstylist. Apparently, styling your own hair is more difficult than styling the hair of another person. It generally has to do with having less control over the sides and back. But as long as the fringe is placed at the front, styling it shouldn't come with many problems. So it's up to you which method you choose to define your male hair system bangs.     

2. Choose the right scissors

When you want to coif your bangs, you are good to go for small and extra sharp scissors. Small scissors do a great job of cutting small bits at a time, so you will never cut big locks by mistake. The sharper the scissors, the neater and cleaner the fringe. You want to work with extremely sharp blades to ensure they don't go blunt halfway, spoiling the cut. You will also deal less damage to the hair shaft.   

3. Wash and comb

First of all, make sure your wig hair is clean and combed before proceeding with trimming. Wash it with shampoo and warm water, rinse and then run the comb through the kinky hair to remove knots and frizz. Having straight hair ensures the scissors will not stumble, providing a smooth and uniform cut. 

4. Cut the hair while it's wet

Don't let the hair dry out completely. You are better off trimming it while it's still damp, as it's easier to manipulate and has a little added weight. Your best plan is to wash the hair, wring it out, suck the extra moisture with a towel and then start shaping up the mens hair system fringe. If you need much time for the touch-up, keep a spray bottle with water next to you to moisturize the strands as they turn dry.


5. Use a fine-toothed comb while cutting

Run a fine-toothed comb through a small section of front hair. Stop it at the edge so that only half an inch of the strand length is exposed. The comb keeps the hair in a more favorable position for trimming, as well as works as a guard that prevents exaggerate cuts and other scissors accidents. 

6. Trim at an angle

Cutting the bangs straight across is a bad idea, as it will end up in an embarrassing look. You are better off cutting at an angle each section of hair using quick snips. Angle trimming brings more definition to the front hair and provides a fuller texture.  

7. Go with small and quick snips

While you may be tempted to cut a big chunk of hair at once, this strategy will only make things worse. Better take your time and touch up the bangs using quick and small snips with the tips of the scissors. This will give more control in shaping the hair and minimize the risk of mistakes. 

8. Don't rush

Professional stylists work fast, but they have a preparation behind their back. If you are an amateur, you are recommended to make patience your best friend and work slowly and deliberately, starting with the front center, then moving to the sides. Take a break after each trimmed section to analyse the symmetry of the cut and decide on possible changes. 

Bottom line

Shaping up mens hair system fringe in home conditions requires working slowly and carefully. Remember the front strands are the most visible part of your head of hair, so you need to act with caution and accuracy to make them look presentable. One of the keys to success is small and sharp scissors that will help you perform smooth and short cuts, making the bangs more defined and neat.  


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