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The Guide to Cut Your Hair System Base to Match Your Patch

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For stock hair systems, the sizes always come in a standard one like 6’’x8’’, 7’’x9’’, 8’’x10’’ or even 9’’x11’’. This size doesn’t necessarily match with your patch. Different people’s hair loss patch could be totally in different shapes and in different sizes. So, before you put on the stock hair system, the first thing to do is cutting the base to match your hair loss patch. Today we are going to show a very useful tip regarding how to cut your hair system base correctly and efficiently.

Make a template

First you need to make a template. Here is an easy way to make a template. Every hair system comes with a plastic holder and it is a great tool to be used as your template.

First put this plastic hold onto your scalp and use a black marker and outline your hair loss patch. Or you can put one of your old hair system, which has the right size, turn the base facing up onto this plastic hold and mark the outline of your old hair system. Next step, use scissors to cut against this line and you will have a template done.

Cut Your Hair System Base

First thing to do is cutting the small lip off in the front of the hair system. It doesn’t have hair on it and that’s the extra lip from production.

Next step is to secure your hair system onto a mannequin head using bobby pins with the hair system base facing up.

We can see that there is a clear distinction of what we're going to cut along this entire unit right now. When you cut the base, it is important that you don’t cut the hair on the other side that should not be cut off.

You can use scissors or a razor to cut the base. When you use a scissors, make sure you cut from the very root of the hair or the very bottom of the base and avoid cutting off any hair that you still want.

When you cut using a razor from the base side like the below picture shows. Make sure you use proper strength on the razor and only cut the base and not cutting the hair underneath the skin base.

Then you will have a hair system that just matches your hair loss patch.

If you are not confident in cutting the base for yourself, please remember that we at Lavivid can always cut the base for you. All you need to do is telling us the size you need or send in your template and we will cut the base accordingly. The base pre-cut only costs $15. Contact if you are interested in this service.

After the base is cut, you can apply the hair system yourself at home and go to a normal barber, who doesn’t have to know how to apply hair systems, to get the hair cut and blended. 

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