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How to Deal With Oily Skin While Wearing A Men’s Hair System

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Have you ever run into the situation of wearing a hair system that becomes loose after only a short time of wearing it? Finally, you are emotionally ready to try a men’s hair system, but the wearing experience is far from perfect. The edges of the hair system flip off prematurely and the bonding breaks down too quickly. This is really annoying and disappointing. If this happens to you, do not fret. In most cases, this is caused by oily skin or excessive sweat and can easily be fixed. We have come up with our top tips to remedy this so you can be armed with the knowledge to deal with oily skin.

oily skin

If you have are prone to an oily scalp, you may experience a less-than-average hold time for your hair systems. You just need to experiment more to find the attachment and maintenance procedures that work best for you.

How do I Know if I Have an Oily Scalp?

If you have experienced hair that gets greasy quickly no matter how many times you do or do not wash it, or if certain products make your hair greasy when they shouldn’t, its likely you have an oily scalp.

Also, when you take off your hair replacement system for cleaning and find that the adhesive residue is mainly yellow, that is also a sign.


Suggested Steps to Deal with an Oily Scalp

1)    Clean your scalp thoroughly

Clean your scalp

This goes without being said, but before you apply your hair system, you need to make sure that your scalp is cleaned properly and thoroughly.

For oily skin, don’t use products that will dry out your skin such as products high in alcohol or citrus-based products, as your body will produce more oil to make up for it. Also be sure not to use any moisturizer or lotions on your scalp as this will also cause your scalp to become very oily.

Walker has a very good Bond Breaker Shampoo and it can remove any excess oil and adhesive residue from the last attachment and it will not dry your skin out either. A thorough clean can help your next bond last longer.


2)    Prepare your scalp for the bond

Before the attachment, you need to apply a layer of scalp protector onto your scalp. We recommend using Walker Scalp Protector which is specifically made for oily skin. The scalp protector will create a barrier between your scalp and the adhesive, so it will prevent oil from breaking the bond down too quickly.

Also, there are anti-perspirant products on the market that can reduce the production of oil and sweat from your scalp thus making the bond last longer.

scalp protector

3)    Choose the right adhesive or tape

right tape

In most cases, Walker Ultra Hold, No Shine tapes work well for oily skin. However, it’s best to try out different adhesives to find out what works for you.

Another tip when choosing a tape is that you should always opt for one with a longer hold time than you expect. For instance, if you plan on wearing your system for a week and then get it re-bonded, then you should go for a tape that offers 2-4 weeks bonding time.

Also, don’t keep the hair system attached for more than 2 weeks. It is better to get it cleaned and reattached once per week for oily scalps.

4)    No Sweat During the Attachment

cool and dry envoironment

We recommend keeping your scalp as cool and dry as possible when you attach the hair system. If the weather is hot, turn on the air conditioner to keep yourself chill.

If you have oily skin, you may have a harder experience wearing a men’s hair system compared to those with dry skin. You may need to try different bonding methods and scalp products. However, if you finally can find the best way for you to apply your hair system, it can help you a great deal. 

5) Let your bond cure

If you wear men’s hair systems for a while and you might have heard of the 24-hour rule. The first 24 hours of a new application of the hair system is very important. You’d better avoid washing, swimming and even heavy sweating during this time. Your hair system bonding needs this period of time to completely work and cure.

Any questions you come across while wearing a hair system, feel free to contact us at and we are more than happy to help you out. If you want to know more hair system knowledge please follow lavivid hair.

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