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The Guide to Deal with the Frontal Alopecia Fibrosis

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Even though the effect of hormonal changes, environmental problems, and medical conditions affecting hair loss has been widely addressed, the genetic factor has barely been explored yet. Often known as hereditary hair loss, it is most prevalent in men in mid-life. Plenty of people are affected by the symmetric hair loss on the front and sides of their scalp. This form of the condition is known as frontal alopecia fibrosis (FFA).

Dermatologists identified frontal fibrosing alopecia syndrome about 20 years back. It is still mistaken for pattern baldness by numerous hair and skin experts even today. Hair systems (also termed modern hairpieces) are commonly used by individuals with advanced hair loss. It is a non-operative treatment developed using natural human hair threaded into a skin-friendly core that hides the areas of baldness. Frontal hair systems can be conveniently attached via clips, glue, or tape.

It's a headpiece that makes it possible for you to push your hair back without any hassle while appearing perfectly normal. The whole frontal area of your scalp from ear to ear is enclosed by a frontal hairpiece, right at the hairline, and therefore saving you from worrying about exposed bald edges. The benefit of using this piece is that your hairline will be secured from deterioration and, you will have full flexibility in styling your hair.

Am I The Appropriate Person To Carry A Male Frontal Hairpiece?

If your hair loss is really not extreme and you are only fading away from your hairline, then a frontal hair system will be the best choice for you. But if you're going bald all around the crown or from the sides of your head, a traditional hair system or a full cap would suit your needs best.

Advantages of A Frontal Hair System

A frontal hair system is, like every hair replacement system, an immediate, effective, pain-free, and inexpensive solution to hair loss. When it comes to styling hairpieces, modern wigs, and other natural hair replacement systems, frontal hairpieces are becoming significantly prevalent due to their functionality. Lace frontals are the most popular frontal hairpieces due to their striking similarity to realistic hairline and skin. In contrast with traditional hair systems, however, frontal hair systems have their very own benefits.

  • Frontal hair systems are comparatively small. When wearing a frontal hair system, most of the hair on your head will be your own compared to the hair system. This will make you feel less conscious about using a hair system, which is often a considerable concern for people using hair replacement systems for the first time. There isn't that much to notice for others.    Nevertheless, any hair system can quickly go unnoticed nowadays, regardless of the density or kind.


  • Because the base measurement will only be 6 "x 0.5", you won't need to trim your head quite so much. You wouldn't need to go bald or cut your whole head, as you would have to with a bigger replacement system.  


  • A small base size means fewer repairs and less maintenance. Your hair routine will be much simpler than the larger systems since it takes less time to put tape, adhesive, or remove the coating from the base.


  • Hair Replacement Systems make the overall look completely different. In comparison to medication, this hair recovery option has no waiting period. You only have to purchase a male frontal hairpiece and, then you're ready to go!


  • Hair replacement systems are inexpensive as well as realistic recovery option if the hair loss is severe. You can enjoy an attractive look by spending less than $1,000 per year.


Securing Your Frontal Hairpiece With Tape Or With Adhesive?

It is quite prevalent for people to mount their frontal hairpieces by attaching them to the hairline with adhesive! The adhesive is preferred because it will last up to two weeks or even a little longer before it will need retouch with more glue. It's also easier and quicker to mount because you only need to match your natural hairline to the frontal hairpiece, and you'll be able to attach it to your scalp effortlessly.

The next most effective way to secure a silk or lacey base is to use a specific tape made for lace bases or wigs only. It's exceptionally convenient, and it only takes a few minutes to secure it on the scalp. Although tape can hold the hairpiece as much as the adhesive can, it might not give a smooth flat appearance.

In conclusion, a frontal hair system is a form of hair replacement system developed for men struggling with receding front hairlines only. It offers men a smoother and more perfect hairline with a lot more styling options than they have right now. No longer wearing your hair down or continuously attempting to keep your hair in such a style that hides your receding hairline! Considering how they are a smaller version of a complete hair replacement system, it is the best choice to introduce hair systems in your life without feeling self-conscious. 

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