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How to Choose A Popular Men Toupee Short Hair Style?

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Wearing a men toupee short hair style is a little tricky, as you always have to make sure the toupee hair blends in perfectly with your own hair. There are some factors that can trigger a visible and embarrassing-looking contrast between the topper and the existing hair. Here are some tips to avoid it.   

1. Cut your own hair

When you start wearing a toupee, you have to understand you have two structures on your head that work differently. There is your own hair that grows permanently and is nurtured by follicles, and the toupee whose hair doesn't experience natural growth and isn't fed by any biological mechanism. This triggers the necessity to take different care of each system to ensure they belong with each other seamlessly. 

A mistake some toupee wearers make that causes a visible contrast between the toupee and the natural hair is not cutting the latter in time. That is, if you let your own hair grow longer than the toupee, it will cause your men toupee short hair style to look embarrassing. To prevent such a shameful situation, make sure you keep the length of your hair always the same as the length of your topper hair. While you can cut the hair alone, it's better to let a stylist do it for you for more precision. 

2. Never keep the hair ruffled

Combing the hair regularly helps make the existing hair and the toupee hair face the same direction and seem like one. Keeping the hair ruffled and messy can expose the border between the toupee and your natural hair, which can make you blush with shame if someone else sees it. That's why never let your toupee hair stand up. Better, keep it laid down by combing it frequently.


3. Adjust the style   

Your existing hair and topper hair work independently from each other. So, the first one never knows the plans of the second one. That said, it may happen that your curly toupee decides to turn wavy or straight for some reason, while your existing curly hair remains the way it was. So, you get a weird hairstyle that makes people around wonder what's wrong with your hair. To escape embarrassing situations like this, try to permanently keep an eye out for your haircut and fix any discrepancy of style that appears immediately. You will have a harder time doing this with a synthetic topper. But, even if your toupee is made of human hair, it will still have slightly different behavior than the hair growing out of your scalp. 

4. Care for the sensitive toupee hair

As it was mentioned above, a toupee is not connected to a feeding system as your own hair is, receiving nutrition through the follicles located under the skin. This means that toupee hair is more vulnerable to drying, breakage, knotting and dulling. That's why, make sure you create an individual care routine for your toupee, where you condition and moisturize it more often to ensure it keeps pace with your own hair. If you don't do this, the topper fibers will get visibly drier and duller than the strands that grow out of your scalp. It will end up into an embarrassing contrast that will steal from your hairstyle's appeal. 

5. Keep the color the same  

Another aspect to keep an eye out for is the color. The strands of a hair system may be more vulnerable to discoloration. So, if you notice that your topper fades in relation to your own hair, make sure you apply some dye to make colors coincide again. 

Bottom line

Keeping a men toupee short hair style seamless and good-looking is a difficult task. You need to be vigilant and notice any difference of style, color, brightness and length between the male toupee and the scalp-growing hair. Make sure you cut the existing hair in time to prevent it from growing longer than the topper's strands. Comb the hair regularly to ensure both human and toupee hair look in the same direction and blend seamlessly. Also, fix any emerging difference of style and color and don't forget to offer the vulnerable toupee the maintenance it needs, which includes frequent conditioning and moisturizing. 


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